1. Rob99

    [wtd] Radianthus,Goniopora & Softies- Benoni

    Im looking for radianthus, goniopora, and softies if anyone wants to sell. Also willing to take all livestock if you shutting down.
  2. ScubaLover22

    Importing for personal use

    Hi, Hope someone can help me and give details. How easy is it to import livestock for non-commercial trade. Would I need permits? What is the costing? Who do I contact? and lastly is it cheaper and beneficial than getting from the LFS?
  3. Rob99

    [wtd] Corals and Livestock

    Hi Guys, if you're shutting down your tank, I'm interested in taking all corals, inverts and livestock. This is for my own personal collection. Gauteng only unless you can deliver to Benoni