1. Papitto

    [FS] Green bubble tip neni attached to LR

    Name of Fish/Coral- GBTA Size of Fish/Coral- 23-26cm and 10cm How long have you had it?- 7 months Is it eating and healthy?- very healthy and greedy Your Location- Westrand jhb Shipping or Collection or Both?- collection only Price- R1000 neg Info and Images- Need to make space for SPS. I...
  2. D

    [FS] Liverock

    Name of Fish/Coral: Live rock, mix of Kenya and Indonesia rock Size of Fish/Coral: 15kg How long have you had it?: 1,5 years Is it eating and healthy?: Healthy mature rock Your Location: Hatfield, Pretoria Shipping or Collection or Both?: Both, prefer collection Price: R1,875 Info and Images...