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  1. Mature Live Rock for Sale

    Mature Live Rock for Sale

    Hi guys, Have some mature live rock for sale. Still some mushrooms and other small corals on some. R50/kg. Collection only. There is around 200kg, if you take all, we can weight while you are here, and take it for the minimum of R8000 and R40/kg. So if less than 200kg it is R40/kg if you take...
  2. Jan Lombaard

    [FS] Tank, Hardware and Accessories for sale, tank shut down

    Tank, Hardware and accessories for sale. Situated in Queenswood, Pretoria. Jan 076 500 7216 Tank 1200 X 1000 X 370 R1 600 Sump 1000 X 450 X 450 R400 Refractometer R500 Heaters 300W R300 Heaters 250W R120 Wavemaker WP 100M 3000lt/h R120 Wavemaker JVP 102 5000lt/h R220 Wavemaker...
  3. Jan Lombaard

    [SOLD] Shutting down 500lt tank

    COMPLETE SYSTEM R14 000 with all hardware and livestock Tank 1200 X 1000 X 370 Sump 1000 X 450 X 450 Hardware Bubble Magnus Curve 5 Skimmer 2 x Blue/white LED strip lights 3 x Heaters 3 x Wave makers 1 x UV light Glass cleaner Inlet pump 45kg live rock 6.5kg sand Livestock R 7000, must take...
  4. jayswizzle

    [WTD]Cheapest sand and rocks for nano tank?

    Hi guys, Just purchased an Dymax IQ7 fish tank with a heater as I want to have a small marine fish setup. I currently stay in Bryanston area and wanted to know where the cheapest sand (Aragonite?) and rock as well as premix water would be? I am not sure if I need anything else, complete...
  5. 2balive

    Looking for Live Rock rental space for a month or two

    Hi Some of you may know me as an extremely slow reefer, I normally take a year or two to thing about my tanks, draw detail Sketchup diagrams, think about flow, redundancy, light, filtration, fish and coral compatibility, etc. I just did an very impulsive thing and bought a 60cm cube with a...
  6. Z

    [wtd] Chipped Corral and Dry/Builder or Live Rock

    Hi I am looking for chipped coral and dry/builder or live rock that you have laying around and want to sell. I recently built a small cube and it's time to start cycling! Thanks!
  7. devesh.r

    [FS] Live Rock and Frags

    Hi Guys I have a live rock around 3 kgs with some purple & green mushrooms, orange ricordea, red plating Monti for sale for R450 onco Also few other frags as per pics from R75 - R150
  8. W

    [FS] Sold

    Hi guys i have about 150Kgs of dried live rock, most Kenya For sale. I also want to get rid of all my other stuff. 1 Deltek skimmer 1 reef octopus skimmer 1 calcium reactor wave maker many pumps heaters. sumps and so on you Can have the lot for R13000 or nearest cash offer. all the items are in...
  9. B

    [SOLD] Live Rock For Sale

    Dear Members, I am getting rid of my marine tank as it is a bit too time consuming at the moment and have 65kg's live rock for sale. Location: Bloemfontein, Free State Shipping: At own cost/ own collection. Price: R35/kg. Photos are attached. Please comment/PM if interested.
  10. Kevesen

    [FS] Magic wave 37 with live stock

    37 liter Nano tank( includes return pump and skimmer) +/- 2kg live rock 1x Kenya tree 2x Pulsing xenia frags 1x Blue leg hermit crab Everything for R700
  11. O

    [FS] Live Rock

    Live for sale. What ever u see in the tank. Make a reasonable offer. Sabeer 0845536336. Must collec today. Tank is shut down already. Based in phoenix Durban.
  12. D

    [FS] Liverock

    Name of Fish/Coral: Live rock, mix of Kenya and Indonesia rock Size of Fish/Coral: 15kg How long have you had it?: 1,5 years Is it eating and healthy?: Healthy mature rock Your Location: Hatfield, Pretoria Shipping or Collection or Both?: Both, prefer collection Price: R1,875 Info and Images...
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