1. brazer

    [FS] Dymax 1.5 m light (HID 150w X 3 + T5 35w X 2)

    Hi All Selling my Dymax 1.5 m light. Comes with 3 x 150 w Metal halide (2 x 20 000k and 1 x 15 000k) and 2 x T5 35w florescent tubes (blue and purple). Light is in excellent conditions. Replaced MH about 6 months ago. The T5 are about 5 months old. Comes with hanging kit and tank stand. Reason...
  2. leslie hempel

    Epeleptic fits in fish

    Guys I've got something rally weird happening with my fish which I've been unable to diagnose. After I put my lights on some of my fish display what I can only describe as an epileptic fit. They swim spiraling out of controll erratically and bump into rocks and corals injuring themselves. Can...