1. R

    Looking for lighting

    Hi guys, i am looking for lighting for my 2.4m tank x 600 deep. Plan on doing sps
  2. ChrisAquariums

    Boyu TL 550 LED - Is the lighting good enough?

    I have the Boyu TL 550 LED version. It comes with the 6 White LED clusters, and 4 Blue LED clusters. Each can be turned on or off manually. I have the following corals: Red Bubbletip Anemone, Green Star Polyps, Kenya Tree, Pulsing Xenia, a leather, and a few Zoanthids and Palythoas. My...
  3. E

    For Boyu TL-550: AI Prime 16HD or Red Sea ReefLED 50

    I currently have a Boyu TL-550 - the LED version. Dimensions: 510 x 570 x 670mm (L x W x H). I'm not happy with the quality of the light especially as i'd like to try keep some simple SPS. I'm thinking of removing the hood and getting a better light but am torn between getting an AI Prime 16HD...
  4. R

    Lagoon tank lighting recommendations

    Hi I’m looking for a led that can be used on my custom lagoon reef . Gonna be 80cm x 40x 25 tank will be lps possible a few sps thanks in advance
  5. leslie hempel

    [FS] Orphek OR60 light bars 60cm - no drivers

    I have 2 of these units with no drivers for anyone wanting to take a chance on them. The are brand new but somehow the drivers got lost in my move. Units are priced to go @R1000ea not negotiable. One blue skye One reef day Price is excluding shipping.
  6. Selwyn123

    [FS] 2x Zetlight 1201's Cape Town

    Have these two 1201's for sale, R1000 each. Great lighting, only a few months old and have the boxes for the units still. Both working 100%.
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