1. craigo

    [SOLD] AI Prime HD

    Item Being sold: AI Prime HD Location: Cape Town Shipping: Collection; will consider shipping at buyers expense Selling Price: R4000 How old is the product: Used for 5 months, bought in July last year Selling my AI Prime HD with flexible mount - have upgraded to a larger tank and am...
  2. leslie hempel

    The ORPHEK ATLANTIK V1 LED light review

    The ORPHEK LED Light REVIEW Model being reviewed: Orphek Atlantik V1 Guys I’d like to offer my comments on this light unit as an aquarist from my personal experience so please view it just as that. For years I watched LED build up as a formidable opponent to halide and T5 lighting, I have...
  3. leslie hempel

    led motherboard repair

    anyone good with repairing this sort of stuff?
  4. FrikkieVanDieVrystaat

    Brazing leds

    Hi everyone, I want to know if anyone has tried brazing leds to a heatsink? I want to try to cast my own heatsink with the lost-wax method and machine it flat, and then permanently attach led stars for best conductivity. If one blows I will simply detach the led from the star base.
  5. Lady Inferno

    [SOLD] Juwel 120 liter tank and stand for sale with Max spect R429R leds

    Item name AND Location. Juwel 120 liter tank and stand for sale with Max spect R429R leds Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R7000 Full description. Hi I am selling a year old tank with stand and the lights for it.no other equipment just tank stand and lights! Photos of...
  6. Andre@ReefAquatics

    LED Downlights - 12W, Dimmable, COB, Cool White - Ultra Bright, Square Silver Brushed

    Imported these "COB" Modern LED down lighters for our new house but sadly they don't fit our bulkhead ceiling, ouch. Disappointing as these lights are so nice. Selling them at the cost price of R250 a piece, they are probably worth +R500 I have 50 units, if you buy more we will lower the price...
  7. M

    RSS Zetlight UFO LED is more than just a pretty light

    The Zetlight UFO LED is very interesting new aquarium LED light whose appeal goes far beyond skin deep. The UFO LED by Zetlight has a dramatic, flying-saucer shape with a flashy appearance that is accentuated by super glossy finishes, and complimentary mounting accessories. We first heard about...
  8. R

    [wtd] LED light

    I'm looking for a LED light for a cube 60cm by 60cm by 60cm. Let me know what you guys have and price please
  9. M

    RSS New Qube 50 LED from Aqua Medic

    The Qube 50 LED is just one of many new products launched by Aqua Medic at InterZoo 2016 in Germany last month. Along with the Aquarius and the Spectrus LED fixtures, the Qube 50 fills a different role as a small multichip LED spotlight which will try to compete with popular lights in this form...
  10. JJ Mes

    [FS] Zetlight 1201 and dymax led 120cm westrand

    Item name AND Location. Zetlight 1201 and dymax led 120cm westrand Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R1700 and R1000 Full description. Hi guys. My led is just not wide enough so i need to upgrade. The two lights are 2 months old. Still in perfect condition...
  11. 459b

    Philips CoralCare LED

    Im really not a LED fan, but this unit may sway my opinion: http://www.philips.co.uk/c-m-li/coralcare Main thing i like about it is that they directly compare it to an aquarium standard, namely T5's. Instead of making outrageous claims, they have put it through a lot of testing and have...
  12. MerlinT

    [FS] BOYU ZW-82 LED Fish Food Feeder Automatic Aquarium Timer

    Item name AND Location. BOYU ZW-82 LCD Fish Food Feeder Automatic Aquarium Timer Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R350 Full description. I have for sale a BOYU ZW-82 LED Fish Food Feeder Automatic Aquarium Timer For Fish Tank. R350 Photos of actual Items for sale.
  13. M

    RSS Giesemann Viva LED is a new more affordable aquarium light

    The Viva is new LED light from Giesemann which inherits much of the styling and design of the Vervve but in a new form factor and power level. Where the Vervve LED is designed to be Giesemann’s hot rod LED light, the Viva was developed to be a more cost effective LED light which blurs Continue...
  14. M

    RSS Arcadia LED T5 retrofit lamps

    Arcadia LED T5 retrofit tubes are a new product recently launched that allows you to swap your old standard T5 bulbs with an LED lamp giving you flexibility in your lighting without having to invest in an entirely new fixture. There are four flavors of Arcadia LED T5 tubes a Marine White...

    [wtd] Zetlight

    Looking for a zetlight zt6600 qmaven
  16. M

    RSS Elos Stella LED is one of their sexiest fixtures to date!

    The Elos Stella LED is a new aquarium light fixture which oozes class and style, in a package that would look great over any kind of tank. The sleek Elos Stella houses a built-in controller, 24 hour timer function, and a broad gamut of colors thanks to the RGB + white LED lighting platform. The...
  17. M

    RSS Watch this video to see the crazy things the Lupyled can do

    We knew the Lupyled was going to be one groundbreaking LED light when we saw it. But nothing could have prepared us for playing a quick game of centipede with the LEDs of the light using the included app. Nor were we ready to see the word REEF spelled out in any color we liked, Continue reading...
  18. Papitto

    Do I have enough sun in my tank :)

    Hello MASA, I have been in the reef hobby for almost 2 years... and I still don't know much. So I was thinking about what my strongest burning point is about my tank... Burning point would mean, what I think about most often. My #1 is "Do I have enough light in my tank?" I have a 4' Oddysea...
  19. M

    RSS Aqamai LRM LED is the first light fixture from Hydor

    The Aqamai LRM is a new LED light and the first real lighting fixture from aquarium veteran, Hydor. The sleek Aqamai LRM is made of all metal construction with a sleek carbon fiber top panel, and powered by two clusters of various LED colors. The wirelessly controlled Aqamai is the first product...
  20. Marine007

    [SOLD] 1.5m SolarMax LED lights - Durbanville (Cape Town)

    Item name AND Location. 1.5m SolarMax LED lights - Durbanville (Cape Town) Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price 1000 Full description. I have 2 x 1.5m Solarmax LEDs. One is white and the other white & blue. Take both for R1000 Photos of actual Items for sale.