1. X

    Help with anemone

    I bought a green bubble tip anemone about 3 months ago. Within days of being added to my tank it changed from green to red. From what I read online that wasn’t a major issue as he seemed healthy. Within the last 2-3 weeks his health has deteriorated. Parameters: Salinity: 1.025 pH: 8.3 was...
  2. Papitto

    Urgent help needed Papitto's crash

    Disaster has struck my tank on Tuesday night, thanks to city powers poor management, the Substation next door exploded. FFWD.... I struggled to keep my genie going(old borrowed genie). My battery back lasted 6 hours x2 with genie on. The was Wednesday morning. By 3pm the genie wouldn't start up...
  3. Henco3

    In need of an aquarium store!

    Hi guys we've moved from Pretoria to Nelspruit about a month ago and I couldn't find any stores that sell saltwater products or livestock, can you help me on where to find a store that sells these type of stuff in Mpumalanga?
  4. Papitto

    Unknown Zoa issue

    Hi, I have a few colonies of zoas in my tank. A few weeks ago, I added a few other frag plugs with blue steel, rasta and some kind of me on Orange zoas. I had dipped them in Seachem reef dip and found 2 nudis that came off. Well after quarantine them for 2 weeks I placed them in my dt. In the...
  5. Papitto

    Acropora Suharsonoi help

    Hey,, Picked up a frag of this acro yesterday. I observed that it was a nice light green shimmer the 1st time I saw it. Yesterday at highlight, it was brown. I did buy it, but not sure where to place it. I acclimated it to temp and dripped for an hour. Placed the frag plug in the sand about...
  6. Papitto

    What can i get?

    Hi MASA, Possibly dumb question Friday for me... but I have 5k and want to improve my lighting if possible. Been using odyssea 2x54w with ATI bulbs 20cm above water line & I took a Beamswork 4500 72w(1w diodes) and changed most of the cool whites, to blue(450nm) and 4 green(510m I think), 2 red...
  7. MeYr

    Making the transfer

    Hi After years of Planted tanks, Oscars and Cichlids, I am now ready (Or so I think) to try the wild an wonderful world of Reefkeeping! Doing a complete makeover of my tank, new stand, canopy etc. Breaking brick for a wall to wall garage-sump room setup. So, a long way to go. Hope I can make...
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