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  1. redlinda1

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    Hello Everyone! Just found this forum while searching for answer as to what do about high nitrates. I have a 20 gallon tank. My ammonia is 0. nitrite 1.0. Nitrate 160 according to API, and 100 according to salifert, phosphates .25. ive done water changes, ive added IO nitrate remover, i...
  2. kierantf97

    Skimmer advice

    Hi all I have recently purchased a reef octopus ts1 skimmer. It was the body only and needs a pump. I am a bit such as to what pump I can add at a reasonable price. Iv been told to have a look at the bubble magus sp1000 which is used in a curve 5 skimmer rated to 500L where as the TS1 is rated...
  3. X

    Help with anemone

    I bought a green bubble tip anemone about 3 months ago. Within days of being added to my tank it changed from green to red. From what I read online that wasn’t a major issue as he seemed healthy. Within the last 2-3 weeks his health has deteriorated. Parameters: Salinity: 1.025 pH: 8.3 was...
  4. Ares

    Bio Pellet Reactor Size

    Good day , I am hoping to pick the brain of the community quickly. I have a 1000l tank currently and I would like to add a bio-pellet reactor to the system. What size reactor would you recommend and how much media would I need for it ? Is there any specific way that I can use to calculate...
  5. Riaanjvr

    Hi I need an id on these two pls.

    Would like an I'd on these two pls. One is a Gobi but which? The other striped on I have no idea
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