1. A

    Freshwater Greenwater aka Phytoplankton.

    Is this green water.?It's my emergency koi pond that I have and it is freshwater. It looks like green water to me. And it get lots of sun outside
  2. M

    RSS Phycopure Greenwater launched by AlgaGen as an affordable general-purpose phytoplankt

    PhycoPure Grenwater from AlgaGen is a newly introduced live phytoplankton additive. Consisting only of pure Nannochloropsis oculata microalgae, PhycoPure Greenwater serves a general purpose in the culturing of rotifers, sponges, bivalves and all manner of filter feeding reef life. PhycoPure...
  3. abgg118

    Microscope Pics: Greenwater (Nannochloropsis Oculata), Kent Zoe, Kent ZooPlex

    Hi All, I compared some greenwater (at last I've got some growing!!), Kent Zoe and Kent ZooPlex. Kent Zoe: There seems to be very little (visible) going on here. The bottle says "bio-available vitamins, amino acids and minerals ... spirulina". I guess the small specs are spirulina...
  4. L


    Hi guys I'm needing to start a greenwater setup to provide food to my soon to be seahorse fry. If anyone have any experience with this could they please help. thx
  5. viper357

    Greenwater and Rotifers

    Hi all Lots of questions here... Why exactly do some people use greenwater and rotifers, is it primarily a food source for non-photosynthetic corals? What does it consist of? Are they 2 separate things? Is anybody culturing greenwater and rotifers? I would love to see some setups, be it DIY...
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