1. M

    15MM opti white

    Hi where can i find 15mm Opti white in Cape Town thanks
  2. D.Bussey


    Hi Everyone We are able to cut and supply Starfire glass at the below prices per SQM 6mm - R 756.00 8mm - R 904.00 10mm - R 1500.00 All glass it water jet cut and then diamond disk polished to give the edges a smooth chamfer finish. There is no extra charge for cutting of holes. Leadtime...
  3. ScubaLover22

    Triangle build - DIY job

    Hi All, Keen on building a tank as a small (big) project with the family and was wondering where I should be looking for glass. Also if you know prices that would be great. Thanks all
  4. wannibi

    Tank builder in Pretoria area

    I am looking for a professional tank builder in the Pretoria area. I have read that Dorry's does a good job, but I can't seem to get a quote out of them. Any suggestions? Alternatively, any glass shops in pretoria where I can source low iron glass?
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