1. T

    Looking buy some decent corals or even small frags in Durban

    Hi guys please can someone put me in touch me someone selling nice sized corals or even little frags
  2. 2balive

    Looking for Live Rock rental space for a month or two

    Hi Some of you may know me as an extremely slow reefer, I normally take a year or two to thing about my tanks, draw detail Sketchup diagrams, think about flow, redundancy, light, filtration, fish and coral compatibility, etc. I just did an very impulsive thing and bought a 60cm cube with a...
  3. devesh.r

    [FS] Live Rock and Frags

    Hi Guys I have a live rock around 3 kgs with some purple & green mushrooms, orange ricordea, red plating Monti for sale for R450 onco Also few other frags as per pics from R75 - R150
  4. Selwyn123

    [SOLD] Collector Zoanthids Cape Town

    Hello Reefers. I have a few collector zoa colonies that I am going to be fragging/fragged and have some heads that I am selling. Let me know what you are interested in and I can frag for you or send (at own cost/risk) what I have available: 1. Blue Hornets R300 a head 2. Red People Eaters...
  5. Trevs

    [SOLD] Various Frags for Sale

    Item name AND Location. Various Frags for Sale(Edenvale) Name of Fish/Coral 1 X red monti rock R70 (10cm long) 1 X hairy green mushroom R40 (Single) 1 X green/pink birdsnest coralR40 (+-3cm) 3 X green horn corals R70 (+-5cm) 1 X green candy cane R50 (4 heads) How long have you had it? N/A Is...
  6. Papitto

    [FS] Various corals for sale - Westrand

    Name of Fish/Coral- Lumo green Plays on rock, Ricordea Yuma rock, Purple mushroom rock, Green birdsnest frag Size of Fish/Coral- various size rocks How long have you had it?- 1 yr 7 months Is it eating and healthy?- awesome Your Location- Westrand JHB Shipping or Collection or Both?- collect...
  7. Perky Pets

    Classy corals for sale

    Hi all , been a while... We set up a huge coral frag tank , but we dont like the idea of 1 - 2 cm pieces so ended up with small corals instead :bigthumbup: here is a few pics of our stock at the moment. the lights are a little blue for the camera , but enjoy.
  8. Papitto

    Green palys removal help

    Hi MASA, I have a lot of green button polyps growing on a large rock, with my candy canes, zoanthids. These polyps are bigger than a 50c coin and their tentacles are long. They are spreading like ebola and stinging my corals I think. How do I remove them? They are stunning lumo green under my...
  9. M

    RSS Tunze introduces new line of Coral Rock frag racks

    Tunze has introduced its latest catalog that features a few new products including a line of Tunze Coral Rock frag racks. Although the rock rack is nothing new, it is always interesting to see new products added to the lineup of trusted brands like Tunze. Tunze Coral Rocks frag racks are made...
  10. Francois

    [wtd] Some Zoas for SPS frags.

    Hey dudes here's a good deal...Willing to swop sps for some zoas....I'm not greedy will give big size sps frags for some zoas as my tank is getting crowded with all the sps....
  11. Newbiejb

    [wtd] Special coral frag

    Hi guys im looking for a special tipe of corral. It was my 30th birthday in December and my parents gave me money to buy something for tank. I think a corral is beter suited than a fish. If any one has something in mind like that please let me know. Must be in the gauteng area. Tx
  12. mandrin

    [wtd] Looking for torch coral or frag

    Hi guys I looking for a a torch coral or frag I am in Durban thanks guys can do a swap or buy .
  13. K

    [FS] 2 x styrofoam sheets to give away or swop for frags

    Hi all I have 2 x styrofoam sheets to give away or swop for sps frags. Measurements are 2400 x 1200 x 15mm Im based in Norwood.
  14. M

    RSS Innovative Marine’s Reef Rack is a condominium for coral frags

    A few months ago, Innovative Marine announced their new line of coral frag racks, the Reef Rack, which comes in three sizes from a small 32 frag ReefRack, a medium 50 frag ReefRack, and the big daddy ReefRack 102. The number designated the number of frags which can actually fit on the ReefRacks...
  15. devesh.r

    [FS] Corals and Frags For Sale

    Hi Guys I have a few zoa Frags (8) R50.00 each 1x xenia frag R50.00 1x brown Kenya tree R100.00 1X Large zoa brown with neon green centre. R150.00 Lare rock 4kg with Red, green and Purple mushrooms R250.00 Few lose mushrooms Or All the corals can go for R750.00
  16. Travis1

    [wtd] Frags durban

    Anybody have any frags for sale in Durban?
  17. caddy

    [wtd] SPS FRAGS

    Hi There I am looking for some colorful sps frags to buy aroundthe greater durban area. Thanks
  18. Mogamatseraajregal

    [wtd] sps frags

    looking for 1 green and purple vasing monti frags (have red allready) can be very small also looking for any other sps frags orange,light blue,purple,yellow sticks more pastel colours than base if possible
  19. NewbiePta

    [wtd] My first frag.

    Hi everyone. My lights went up today and they look fantastic. I am looking for anyone willing to part with some frags in Gauteng area. Suggestions on what might be good to start with and has nice colours? Everything I have seen might need the tank to run for a while longer. Anyone willing to...
  20. reefer101

    [wtd] coral frags durban

    Anyone in durban have coral frags for sale?
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