frags wanted

  1. devesh.r

    [FS] Live Rock and Frags

    Hi Guys I have a live rock around 3 kgs with some purple & green mushrooms, orange ricordea, red plating Monti for sale for R450 onco Also few other frags as per pics from R75 - R150
  2. devesh.r

    [wtd] Pietermaritzburg Frags

    Hi guys I'm in PMB till the weekend. If anyone has LPS or Softie frags for sale. Please let me know.
  3. NewbiePta

    [wtd] My first frag.

    Hi everyone. My lights went up today and they look fantastic. I am looking for anyone willing to part with some frags in Gauteng area. Suggestions on what might be good to start with and has nice colours? Everything I have seen might need the tank to run for a while longer. Anyone willing to...
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