frags wanted

  1. R

    [wtd] Looking for frags for my Nano - CPT

    Hi all, I've setup my first nano and am looking for some decently priced frags of Euphylia, acan, zoas, LPS, star polyps etc. Based in Cape Town
  2. T

    Looking buy some decent corals or even small frags in Durban

    Hi guys please can someone put me in touch me someone selling nice sized corals or even little frags
  3. F

    New to marine building a budget tank advice welcome

    Hi all I am new this form and to marine tanks. I have had many tropical freshwater tanks in my life but have always wanted to set up a marine tank. I know marine is a whole different game then freshwater and have done a lot of research into it. My end goal is to have a tank with a few fish and...
  4. devesh.r

    [FS] Live Rock and Frags

    Hi Guys I have a live rock around 3 kgs with some purple & green mushrooms, orange ricordea, red plating Monti for sale for R450 onco Also few other frags as per pics from R75 - R150
  5. devesh.r

    [wtd] Pietermaritzburg Frags

    Hi guys I'm in PMB till the weekend. If anyone has LPS or Softie frags for sale. Please let me know.
  6. NewbiePta

    [wtd] My first frag.

    Hi everyone. My lights went up today and they look fantastic. I am looking for anyone willing to part with some frags in Gauteng area. Suggestions on what might be good to start with and has nice colours? Everything I have seen might need the tank to run for a while longer. Anyone willing to...
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