1. ScubaLover22

    Rare livestock

    Hi all. Please post pics of your rare and sexy livestock... Let see what exciting rare and not commonly seen additions we all have.:clap::taz::detective::12::wave2::devil::devil2::slayer::lol:
  2. S

    Backup or normal use Water Pumps

    Hey guys I am bringing in a bunch of pumps. These are self priming and use a diaphragm. Great for ATU etc. WIll probably go for around R150 each. I am bringing in to see how they fare as dosing pumps connected to a controller (one of my projects) Is anyone interested? I will have about 15...
  3. leslie hempel

    Epeleptic fits in fish

    Guys I've got something rally weird happening with my fish which I've been unable to diagnose. After I put my lights on some of my fish display what I can only describe as an epileptic fit. They swim spiraling out of controll erratically and bump into rocks and corals injuring themselves. Can...
  4. N

    [SOLD] Fish Tank + Sump (65 x 65 x 50cm)

    Name of Item/s: Fish Tank Your Location: Greenstone Hill, Johannesburg Shipping or Collection or Both?: Collection Only Price: R3500 Tank + Stand + Side Covers + Plumbing + sump + rock: R3500 Tank: 65 x 65 x 50 (h) Stand: 85cm high Ill throw in all the extras thats shown in the images (in...
  5. floh

    Fish pricing

    Hi All, I am looking at getting some rough pricing on a few fish, namely: White tailed trigger Diamond trigger File fish Atlantic Tang Porcupine Puffer Any ball park figures of what you should be paying for these nowadays? Thanks in advance.
  6. Rob99

    [wtd] Corals and Livestock

    Hi Guys, if you're shutting down your tank, I'm interested in taking all corals, inverts and livestock. This is for my own personal collection. Gauteng only unless you can deliver to Benoni