fish tank for sale

  1. Kevesen

    [FS] Magic wave 37 with live stock

    37 liter Nano tank( includes return pump and skimmer) +/- 2kg live rock 1x Kenya tree 2x Pulsing xenia frags 1x Blue leg hermit crab Everything for R700
  2. W

    [FS] Red sea 130D

    Selling my red sea 130D includes tank& stand Zet1201 wifi + A200 controller Bubble magus qq skimmer Return pump Heater And a few other odds and end. Also have the original tanks parts Based In boksburg R5000
  3. M

    New member needing advice on how to list a sale of a tank and hardware

    I am a new member and want to list a sale of a tank and hardware. I have never used a Forum before and have no idea how to go about advertising the sale.
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