1. Roxx


  2. FrikkieVanDieVrystaat

    Brazing leds

    Hi everyone, I want to know if anyone has tried brazing leds to a heatsink? I want to try to cast my own heatsink with the lost-wax method and machine it flat, and then permanently attach led stars for best conductivity. If one blows I will simply detach the led from the star base.
  3. ScubaLover22

    Triangle build - DIY job

    Hi All, Keen on building a tank as a small (big) project with the family and was wondering where I should be looking for glass. Also if you know prices that would be great. Thanks all
  4. Triton

    Who is better?

    Hey Guys, Im keen to get some DIY Calcium Chloride, but not sure whos stuff is better? Any help would be appreciated Protea Chemicals Warren Chemicals CJP Chemicals
  5. H


    Name of Item/s: DIY LED Your Location:Centurion Shipping or Collection or Both?:Collection Price:3000 or closest offer Info and Images: Hi all This was my December project as I needed something to do. Was going to run these on my tank for the time being until my fiance's tank is ready, but...
  6. S

    Bolted Aquarium Stand

    Hello all, I currently have a 1500x550x650mm tank without a suitable stand, I am therefore planning on constructing my own this summer. Does anyone have any advice or guidance pertaining to a stand design that consists of mainly bolted joints as I will have to transport the stand by means of a...
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