diy project

  1. Z

    450mm x 450mm Cube Build

    Hi everyone. So with a bit if help and advise from a fellow reefer i decided to go all in on building my own Cube. I would like to thank @brentch for helping with the measurements and lots of advice. I went for 10mm opti clear glass panels and black 5mm acrylic. Extras were Bostic Marine...
  2. Papitto

    Orphek diode change

    Ola! I have a question for Orphek users that know more technical info on their products... I have a PR-156W (blues and whites), which i think is very old. I bought it off another reefer who had bought it off the original owner who is also a member. cant remember his name. I'm only to assume...
  3. ScubaLover22

    ScubaLover's - 5 Sided 4500L

    Hi All, Starting with a new build soon. Well hopefully soon. Looking to do the tank as a DIY project. The tank will be a divider between the lounge and the passage. Looking at carrying 3400 litres excluding the sump. The house is marked out with masking tape on the floors and very excited to...
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