1. 60cm cube

    60cm cube

    Hi guys, Shut down my one planted tank, so have this 60cmx60cmx50cm (lxwxh) in 8mm glass and black silicone for sale. It has black cladding on 3 sides, and a coast to coast herbie overflow in the back. Tank is in good condition. Comes with everything you need to start, just add water, fish and...
  2. 2balive

    How to design a sump for a 60cm x 60cm x 60cm cube?

    Hi Considering taking my 60cm cube (24 inches) live, but not happy with its simple glass box sump. I want to run a refugium and a skimmer, also want space for a media (going to run Orca Lab bio cubes) in the sump. Any designs out there that works under cubes this size? What small...
  3. kierantf97

    [FS] 110L nano (Durban)

    This tank is a nano cube fish tank. Size 45cm x 58cm x 45cm. Glass is 8mm all round with a 10mm base. Reason for the one side being 58cm was to accomidate a rear sump for a marine tank. This would make the display into a perfect 45cm x 45cm display cube. Tank is brand new so there are no...
  4. kierantf97

    My first nano build

    Hi all so im wanting to start a nano cube. It is going to have an 3 chamber internal sump in the back with 1)overflow into chaeto &matrix. 2nd chamber for skimmer and last chamber for return pump and heater. Iv ordered my glass to get my build on the way. Overall my tank size including sump...
  5. P

    Built from the ashes!

    About 9 months ago my pride and joy was destroyed by a fire! Not sure how the fire started but I awoke one morning to smoke coming from my study area where my fish tank was located. My tank's wooden hood was on fire. Luckily I managed to put the fire out myself but not before most of the tank...
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