1. J

    [FS] Marine fish and corals for sale

    Hi Fish Sailfin tang R 1,100 Scopa Tang R 450 Clown R 250 Clown R 250 Convict R 450 Royal Dotback R 350 Pjama Kardinal R 250 Corals Kenyan tree (medium) R 250 Kenyan tree (small) R 200 Kenyan tree (Large) R 450 Leather R 380 Also have various equipment...
  2. IVAN_97

    Will the zetlight zp4000 light up my tank??

    Hi I have a 1.5m x 600x 620 tank, I'm wondering if the zetlight zp4000 light will be enough to carry out sufficient light through my tank. Will mainly keep corals that won't need to much fancy lighting. Any inexpensive lighting ideas also welcome Thanks in advance
  3. Rob99

    [wtd] Corals and Livestock

    Hi Guys, if you're shutting down your tank, I'm interested in taking all corals, inverts and livestock. This is for my own personal collection. Gauteng only unless you can deliver to Benoni
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