1. ScubaLover22

    Rare livestock

    Hi all. Please post pics of your rare and sexy livestock... Let see what exciting rare and not commonly seen additions we all have.:clap::taz::detective::12::wave2::devil::devil2::slayer::lol:
  2. leslie hempel

    [wtd] blue icecap acro large

    anyone parting with a large icecap? im needing to give my reef more definition..
  3. Perky Pets

    Classy corals for sale

    Hi all , been a while... We set up a huge coral frag tank , but we dont like the idea of 1 - 2 cm pieces so ended up with small corals instead :bigthumbup: here is a few pics of our stock at the moment. the lights are a little blue for the camera , but enjoy.
  4. ScubaLover22

    Importing for personal use

    Hi, Hope someone can help me and give details. How easy is it to import livestock for non-commercial trade. Would I need permits? What is the costing? Who do I contact? and lastly is it cheaper and beneficial than getting from the LFS?
  5. Rob99

    [wtd] Soft Corals, Elegance, Brain, Doughnut, Red/Rose Anemone

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for the following , Elegance, Red/Rose Bubble Tip anemone, Brain Corals, Doughnut, Trumpet. Also if you're shutting down your tank I am interested in all livestock Gauteng only
  6. Triton

    [SOLD] Pin Cushion

    Name of Fish/Coral: pin cushion Size of Fish/Coral: +- 15cm How long have you had it?: 2 years Is it eating and healthy?: yes Your Location: Boksburg Shipping or Collection or Both?: Collection Price: R200 Info and Images: NOTE: Your thread will be deleted if you do not upload any photo's...