coral frags

  1. PlanktonOnTap

    Renovations complete & corals stocked!

    After 7 gruelling days, our renovations are finally over. Have a look! We filled our coral banks with gorgeous coral.. Huge thanks to our community member, Brandon, for taking this amazing footage! See you there...
  2. R

    [wtd] Looking for frags for my Nano - CPT

    Hi all, I've setup my first nano and am looking for some decently priced frags of Euphylia, acan, zoas, LPS, star polyps etc. Based in Cape Town
  3. T

    Looking buy some decent corals or even small frags in Durban

    Hi guys please can someone put me in touch me someone selling nice sized corals or even little frags
  4. C

    Urgent help needed Candy cane coral help

    My new candy canes got knocked down. They have some tissue damage. Will they recover or am I screwed. Tank Params are all 0 except nitrates at 10-20 ppm. Stock biocube 32 led tank is 8 years old. Had a set of candy canes thriving begore that died to a poor Fw dip to kill a massive bobbit. I have...
  5. biona

    [FS] Coral frags for sale

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