cape town

  1. Fish genie

    Pulsing Xenia

    Hi im looking for pulsing xenia, im based in kuilsrivier, Cape Town area. Thanks...
  2. S


    Hi there, I have a 25 cm sand anenome for sale as well as a sea urchin. Anenome- R1000 Urchin- R200 Both- R1000 located in Cape Town and will only sell to people in CT as lockdown will make it difficult to transport to other cities, selling as I’m down sizing to a nano. My clowns loved this...
  3. AltusC

    [wtd] RO Unit Fittings In Cape Town

    I'm based in Cape Town and recently I bought the following from RO Unit, Two pass TDS Meter Digital TDS meter I've installed the Two Pass TDS Meter before and after the membrane and all seems good, the Two Pass TDS Meter reads about 90ppm inlet and 0ppm...
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