candy cane

  1. C

    Urgent help needed Candy cane coral help

    My new candy canes got knocked down. They have some tissue damage. Will they recover or am I screwed. Tank Params are all 0 except nitrates at 10-20 ppm. Stock biocube 32 led tank is 8 years old. Had a set of candy canes thriving begore that died to a poor Fw dip to kill a massive bobbit. I have...
  2. Papitto

    [FS] Various corals for sale - Westrand

    Name of Fish/Coral- Lumo green Plays on rock, Ricordea Yuma rock, Purple mushroom rock, Green birdsnest frag Size of Fish/Coral- various size rocks How long have you had it?- 1 yr 7 months Is it eating and healthy?- awesome Your Location- Westrand JHB Shipping or Collection or Both?- collect...
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