1. VDP

    [wtd] Wanted: Racoon Butterfly Fish and Emporer angel

    I’m looking for 2 Racoon Butterfly fish and an Emporer Angel. Preferably juvenile but not too small. I’m in the Hilton KZN area.
  2. brentv

    [FS] Burgessi Butterfly (Semi Reefsafe!)

    Name of Fish/Coral-Chaetodon Burgessi Size of Fish/Coral-7-8cm How long have you had it?-2 months Is it eating and healthy?-100% healthy and eating Your Location-Cape Town Shipping or Collection or Both?-Collection Price-R1500 Advertised Elsewhere? YES or NO-Yes, Whatsapp Group Info and Images-...
  3. Rob99

    [wtd] Copperband

    I'm looking for a Copperband Butterfly if anyone has for sale in the Benoni/ Johannesburg area
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