boyu tank

  1. E

    For Boyu TL-550: AI Prime 16HD or Red Sea ReefLED 50

    I currently have a Boyu TL-550 - the LED version. Dimensions: 510 x 570 x 670mm (L x W x H). I'm not happy with the quality of the light especially as i'd like to try keep some simple SPS. I'm thinking of removing the hood and getting a better light but am torn between getting an AI Prime 16HD...
  2. Dhasvir

    [wtd] Fully Equipped Marine tank (under R1999)

    Hi there, I'm currently looking for a marine tank preferably a Boyu tank or any brand as long as it contains a skimmer, tank, filtration, and lighting. if there are small amounts of damage to the equipment then I am more than willing to replace myself... just not to keen on tank scratches. I am...
  3. Ebi Omer

    [SOLD] Rimless Ultra Clear Aquarium - Benoni - R5490

    Hi all Please note that the tank is running with freshwater currently so buyer may view and it is for COLLECTION ONLY. (Benoni). Will need 1 day notice to empty the tank if buyer wants same time collection. Tank, Cabinet, Sump and plumbing included. *Boyu HA 1200 *1200L x 533W x 530H *White...
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