1. F

    New to marine building a budget tank advice welcome

    Hi all I am new this form and to marine tanks. I have had many tropical freshwater tanks in my life but have always wanted to set up a marine tank. I know marine is a whole different game then freshwater and have done a lot of research into it. My end goal is to have a tank with a few fish and...
  2. Sheldon77

    A New Start

    Hey Guys Im Starting my first Tank. Getting it on Thursday evening, and just want to say i have been reading alot on this forum, will probably have loads of questions for all, its a small tank but 45*45*45 cube, would like to ask some opinions, i would like to have a reef tank( i think thats...
  3. ScubaLover22

    Jellyfish care - Converting TL550

    Hi all, I want to convert my TL 550 into a jelly tank. I have another 1.8m tank that is taking up a lot of time but I don't want my nano to run dry. I was thinking of adding some jellys but don't know where to start. I have done very minimal reading about them as I have had time constraints...
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