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  1. J

    [FS] 500l Custom built system For Sale - COMPLETE SYSTEM R18 000

    COMPLETE SYSTEM. R15 000 TANK 1200 X 1000 X 370 SUMP 1000 X 450 X 450 Bubble Magnus Curve 5 Skimmer 2 x Blue/white LED strip lights 3 x heaters 3 x wave makers uv light refractometer glass cleaner water top up Inlet pump 50kg live rock 6.5kg sand cheato zoanathids xenia toadspoon mushroom...
  2. T

    [FS] 250l Red Sea tank for sale

    Hi all, I'm selling our beloved 250l Red Sea tank. Really well maintained!! About 7 bubble anemones that are thriving and love to multiply. Wonderful tube anemone. 3 clown fish. The whole kit included: 2x coolers Refractometer Spare parts Etc R14 000
  3. CornellOpperman

    [FS] Red Sea Reefer 425XL

    Geared with the best tech and livestock. System 1 year old. Black themed tank with epoxy cabinet. Asking price R30k, setup worth over R80k Red Sea 425 xl tank Hailea chiller Curve 7 skimmer 2x Gyre flow wavemakers Maxspect Aquaforest reactor 110 UV sterilizer Zetlight 7200 wifi Zetlight 1201...
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