1. Dhasvir

    37ltr budget build

    Hey guys, not even one year later and I got another tank. It's gonna be a budget build tank as I'd like to see how far you can get with a limited budget in this hobby. It's an Aquria 37ltr nano tank. Everything is there, will need some tlc and a bit of repairs here and there but nothing to...
  2. M

    RSS LiveAquaria helps to minimize the ‘Dory effect’

    Finding Nemo was a wonderful animated tale that brought our lovable saltwater fish to the masses, and it also brought many people into the hobby hoping to bring a “Nemo” home for their little frags to raise and admire. LiveAquaria is helping to minimize the potential “Dory effect” from the...
  3. madmatt

    [SOLD] Aquaria 102 nano -JHB SOUTH

    Item name AND Location. Aquaria 102 nano -JHB SOUTH Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R3000 Full description. Have an Aquaria 102 nano for sale. The clips on the filtration lid are damaged but still closes no problem. Comes with everything. Photos of actual...
  4. Z

    [FS] 120lt Aquaria TAnk with stand

    Item name AND Location. 120lt Aquaria TAnk with stand Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price R3500-00 Full description. 120lt Aquaria with 2 skimmers and ati bulbs. Also has 2 fans on lid for cooling . R3500-00 negotiable. Photos of actual Items for sale.
  5. Raven

    [FS] Full System For Sale - 2m Aquaria tank

    Item name AND Location. Full System For Sale - 2m Aquaria tank Name of Fish/Coral Hi, I'm selling my full system. It's a 2m aquaria tank. I Still have the computerbox but not in use at this stage. Various fish, corals, LR, nemmies in the tank. How long have you had it? ranging from...
  6. Aquaria-SA

    Would you like one of our Super Size Aquaria Aquariums?

    like a Aquaria ABZ2000 Aquarium or ... a Aquaria ABZ3000 3 meter super size aquarium in your home.... or do YOU would you prefer a Aquaria AMZ1000c 1m cube aquarium? Contact us to day and lets see what the best payment option for you.... or
  7. Aquaria-SA

    Would YOU like a NEW Aquaria ABZ1500 1.5 meter Aquarium?

    Let one of our elegant Aquaria aquariums enhance and bring style into your home... with many payment options available we can make this dream aquarium happen for you.... Send us a email on or and we will do the rest....
  8. Aquaria-SA

    Want a new Aquaria AMZ1000 1meter aquarium?

    At Aquaria we strive to make your dreams come to life....let us help you get your new Aquarium today... send us a email now on or and we will make it happen.....
  9. Aquaria-SA

    Get YOUR new Aquaria AMW102 Nano Aquarium

    Want one of these? Well we can make it happen ... Send us a email to or
  10. Aquaria-SA


    Hello Reefers near & far… Reefers its almost the Weekend and …. It’s almost MONTH END!!!! Here are our store open times for this long Weekend Aquaria-SA KZN Store Saturday 9am to 1pm Sunday 9am to 1pm Monday we are closed Aquaria-SA Gauteng Store Saturday 8am to 2pm Sunday 8am to 2pm Monday we...
  11. Travis1

    [SOLD] Aquaria 102 with stand

    Name of Item/s- Aquaria amw102 Your Location-Durbin Shipping or Collection or Both?- collection Price-R2000 Advertised Elsewhere? YES or NO-No Info and Images- I have a 6 month old magic wave 102 for sale. Tank is neat and clean and comes with a stand. R2000. NOTE: Your thread will be...
  12. Aquaria-SA

    MORE SPECIALS From Aquaria for YOU!!!!

    So the new month is away in full swing and we know what you want !!! Great …SPECIALS…. So I have put together some really hot one’s for you…and yes don’t forget our fully stocked livestock and coral banks ready for your ocean!!!! Check these …hotties…. OOPS!!!!!! So our...
  13. M

    RSS Dissolved Gases in Marine Aquaria: Saturation Problems and Solutions

    If you’re like most marine aquarium hobbyists, you probably don’t give a great deal of thought to the levels of dissolved gases in your system beyond making sure you’re providing good aeration and circulation. But under certain circumstances, these levels can get out of whack to the detriment of...
  14. Raven

    2m Aquaria - memories in making

    Hi all, We are thinking about moving abroad this year/early next year. (or whenever we can go). I have a bunch of photo's etc of my tank. I've never really made videos. So I thought - well last chance before I sell everything.... Not sure how to upload my videos from youtube. But here is a...
  15. TaahirS

    [SOLD] Aquaria RODI unit

    Brand new aquaria RODI unit. Never been used, brand new. R1000 Cape Town Has been advertised elsewhere
  16. N

    [FS] Aquaria 102L with Sump

    Name of Item/s-I am selling My complete Setup with all live stock and chiller and 25Kg's redsea salt , Ro unit , Battery backup system, with built in sump, most test kits ,TS2 skimmer .Please contact for info Your Location-Durban Shipping or Collection or Both?-Collection Only Price-R9500.00...
  17. sanjayMoti

    New Aquaria 1.5 meter

    After Upgrading from a Aquaria 102 to my New Aquaria 1.5. I had purchased a tank with all the live stock. Tank Didnt come with much corals. Its been 4 weeks now since its settled in.
  18. P

    [SOLD] Aquaria AMW102 Nano Aquarium (Never used)

    Name of Item/s: Brand New - Aquaria AMW102 Nano Aquarium Your Location: Johannesburg Shipping or Collection or Both?: Collection Price: R3,500 Info and Images: Aquaria 120l nano bought as a quarantine tank but has never been used or even opened. See link here for more details on the tank. New...
  19. red deacon

    [FS] Aquaria MW37 Nano

    Name of Item/s: Aquaria MW37 Nano Your Location: Alberton Shipping or Collection or Both?: Collection Price: R1000 Info and Images: Brand new never taken out of box.
  20. Aquaria-SA

    WACKY Wednesday Auctions & More @ Aquaria-SA STORES

    Aquaria-SA presents to YOU….. AQUARIA WACKY WEDNESDAY AUCTION & GET TOGETHER with YOUR Aquaria-SA Family…. SO What’s Aquaria Wacky Wednesday All about? Well it definitely something YOU don’t want to miss out on because we are really going to be totally WACKY!!!!! There is going to be...
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