1. T

    [FS] Marine Fish for sale!!

    Hi all, I have a few marine fish for sale. Blue/yellow damsel R110 Sergeant Major R110 Yellow Bristletooth Small R275 Convict Surgeonfish small R235 Powder blue tang large R960 Clown SurgeonFish R620 Skunk-striped Anemonefish R230 Allard´s clownfish R255 Yellow-bellied...
  2. B

    [FS] Looking for an inferno anemone

    Hey guys, looking to trade my XXL magnificent anemone for an inferno. If the inferno is semifinal sized I’ll trade like for like. If the inferno is larger I’ll happily throw in my Picasso clownfish worth around R800 to get it done. Contact me 0823196553 Based in Centurion
  3. G

    [FS] Selling Anemone tank

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my 1.2 m anemone tank as seen in pictures. More than 30 anemones (quadricolour, green and purple) ranging from palm to plate size. Fish include coral beauty, sand sifting goby, 3x clowns, 5x chromis, cleaner shrimp and hermits. Also sand and a ton of live rock. Comes...
  4. F

    [FS] Rose bubbletip anemones for sale

    Hi, I have 3 anemones I want to sell to free up some space Item being sold: 3x Rose bubbletip Anemones Location: Centurion Selling price: R300 each
  5. amith37

    Help me ID this zoa/paly/anemone?

    Hi This is the size of a R5 coin. The biggest split recently after 2 months in tank. Now I have 4 of them. Very docile, all live together. One did relocate itself into another rock Green mouth, with tiny reddish tentacles. I initially thought they were rock flower anemones, then the pest...
  6. JungleAquatics

    Inferno Anemones Now in Stock at Jungle Aquatics

    Inferno Anemones Now in Stock at Jungle Aquatics
  7. A

    Purple Milk Sebae Anemone Splitting

    Hi guys, I have been searching for info on splitting Sebae anemones, info that seems to be hard to come by. I was hoping that someone on this forum might have more information on propagating Sebae anemones. Any insight and help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. VehanLandy

    [SOLD] Green Bubble Tip Anemone - CPT

    Item name AND Location. Green Bubble Tip Anemone - Northern Suburbs, Cape Town Name of Fish/Coral Green Bubble Tip Anemone How long have you had it? 6 Months Is it eating and healthy? Yes Shipping or Collection or Both? Collection Price R500 Info I'm only selling because it's getting too...
  9. ScubaLover22

    Rare livestock

    Hi all. Please post pics of your rare and sexy livestock... Let see what exciting rare and not commonly seen additions we all have.:clap::taz::detective::12::wave2::devil::devil2::slayer::lol:
  10. jameshr

    Desperately looking for an inferno bubble tip anemone!

    Hi everyone, so the thread's title basically describes it. I've been looking for an inferno bubble tip anemone for ages and have yet to find on. I am based in Cape Town but will happily pay for shipping. I am looking for anywhere between 1 and 5 of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  11. jameshr

    Where to find inferno bta in CT?

    So the thread title is essentially my question, where can I find an inferno bubble tip anemone in Cape Town. I wouldn't mind even getting one shipped from somewhere else in SA. I've been looking for one for ages and have yet to come across one...
  12. L

    [wtd] Rose Bubble Tip Anemone

    Hi guys, Looking for a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone frag in Pretoria. Thanks!
  13. Rob99

    [wtd] Flame Tip, Softies, LPS and Inverts - Benoni

    I'm looking for Flame Tip anemone, Softies, LPS, hermits, shrimps and Inverts if anyone has available
  14. Rayhaan

    Fish, Shrimps & Anemones received

    Hi Everyone We have received the following livestock: Devil Scorpionfish (Lionfish) @ R345.00ea Unicorn Tangs @ R195.00ea Powder Blue Surgeons @ R669.00ea Black Fin Triggers @ R285.00ea Banner Fish @ R405.00ea Koran Angel (Juv) @ R295.00ea Diagonal Band Gobies @ R159.00ea Diamond Gobies @...
  15. faiyaz2

    [FS] Large carpet anemone for sale

    Getting too big for my tank and need to sell or swap for soft coral. Randburg: near cresta R600 or to swap for soft coral. Needs to urgently. No shipping. Anemone bottom of the picture. Under blue light he is a green blue colour.
  16. TheresaC

    [FS] Inferno bubble tip anemone Roodepoort

    Item name AND Location. Inferno bubble tip anemone Roodepoort Name of Fish/Coral Inferno Bubble Tip Anemone on a piece of live rock. How long have you had it? 3 years Is it eating and healthy? Yes Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price 1200 Info My...
  17. D

    [wtd] Coral Frags JHB or Nennie

    Does anyone have some frags or Nenie in JHB that I could come collect today. Itching to get some new corals [emoji4]
  18. Forbes

    Magnificent Anemone

    Hi Guys, I am worried about my nennie, he hasn't eaten in over a week. He droops a bit and then comes back, but for the last couple of days he has projected his orifice and retracted his tentacles. I have tried to feed him for three days, but he doesn't hold on to the food and the clean up crew...
  19. G

    Urgent help needed Purple foot Anemone

    Hi Have had a purple foot nennie for about 3 weeks, It seems that some tenticles are thin and not as fleshy as others. It has moved to a spot where I believe it is happy and stayed their for about 2 weeks now. In its walk about it moved on top of a purple/red mushroom that was stuck on the live...
  20. M

    [wtd] nennie

    Wanted red or green bubble tip nennie in durban
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