1. Tafelsout

    Can't raise alkalinity above 8.5 dkh

    Hi all :) I have been keeping a close eye on my parameters for the last few days. I tested my parameters and confirmed my reading at my LFS on Saturday and Sunday. My magnesium is at 1380 and calcium is at 430, however I am unable to raise my KH above 8.5. Tonight when I tested my Kh was at 8...
  2. Papitto

    High Calcium... what could i do to fix?

    Hi Masa, Tested my Ca,Mg and Kh for the past few weeks. Ca: 500+ Salifert Mg: 1290 Salifert Kh: 8.7 Salifert Ph: 8.15 SG: 1.025 Does this look normal or is Ca too high? I'm dosing Kalk in my top off bucket.
  3. zippy

    Water parameters - calcium, magnesium and alkalinity

    1. Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium I really just started this thread/post as a way to assist some of our newer members; also I have noted a serious lull to befall the forum. Times are notably tougher and disposable income isn't so disposable any longer. If you're already bored please skip...
  4. C


    Hi There, I know this is a finicky question to ask, but what should i aim to keep my alkalinity on? I know people like dallas suggest picking a value and sticking to it, but what should that value be? I've been monitoring my alkalinity for a while now, and whilst my other parameters appear...
  5. Idol Marine

    Calcium, alkalinity and magnesium

    As a reef keeper you need a good understanding of Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity in order to maintain a stable and balanced supply of building blocks for your corals. Not only does it affect the growth rate of your hard corals, but also colour and overall health of your corals. These...
  6. Jason

    Alkalinity not rising

    So i bought myself some new test kits a week ago and started testing and my parameter where whack... Got Salifert test kits. Problem im having is my Ca was sitting at 500ppm and my alk at 5dkh after testing with the Salifert kits. I got my Ca down to 450ppm but my alk i cannot get higher than...
  7. Nippy

    [SOLD] [FS]: Hanna Alkalinity Test kit: Melville

    Hardware for saleThread title: Hanna Alkalinity Test kit Location: Melville Shipping or Collection only: collection All sales to be conducted on the thread.I agree Photo's and description/list of items for sale: Hi Masa I have a almost new Hanna Alkalinity test kit for sake, used...
  8. M

    Techniques for Maintaining Calcium and Alkalinity in Reef Tanks

    Calcium and alkalinity are vitally important chemical parameters in reef aquariums. They are used by stony corals to build their calcium carbonate skeletons. A lack of calcium and alkalinity in the water will inhibit the growth of reef-building corals and invertebrates, which will eventually...
  9. M

    Marine Aquarium Antacid: Understanding Alkalinity

    When I first made the switch from freshwater to marine fishkeeping, I was somewhat befuddled by the term “alkalinity” as it’s typically used on the saltwater side of the hobby. During all my years of keeping freshwater systems, I had always used the term “alkaline” interchangeably with “basic.”...
  10. irie ivan

    Calcium,Alkalinity & Magnesium, How do you maintain

    Was just wondering, with the options available for the cornerstone "elements," how does the majority of reefers dose? Mods please help lay this out. I think I have most options included...
  11. JungleAquatics

    HANNA Checkers IN STOCKPhosphate Low RageAlkalinity Marine Calcium Marine +...

    posted via automatic Facebook Feed HANNA Checkers IN STOCK Phosphate Low Rage Alkalinity Marine Calcium Marine + plenty reagents!!! Link to original article on FB.
  12. Express Reef

    Alkalinity consumption rate

    I notice my Alkalinity consumption rate is going thru the roof, is this normal on a SPS tank? Currently dosing 16ml every hour that gives you 384ml in 24 hour cycle…
  13. durleo

    what is your daily Calcium and alkalinity usage in an SPS reef?

    JUst wanted to get a consensus feel for usage of Daily Calcium and Alkalinity on an SPS reef and what do you use to keep the values on par. What levels do you strive to keep the balance at?
  14. M

    Calcium and alkalinity

    Ok so finally got some test kits. Now got calcium level 550ppm and alkalinity of 5dKH. no idea why calcium is so high as i have not been dosing anything? magnisium is at 1300ppm so basically i need to increase alk, was thinking just baking soda but from what i have been reading the balance...
  15. duanead

    alkalinity(kh parameters)

    Hi guys as I'm sitting at work I was thinking of yesterday afternoon when I tested my parameters everything is in check. I forgot,what does the salifert alkalinity test kit show dKh or Kh and what's the difference? My salifert test kit showed 7 last week it was is that to low?what is...
  16. Express Reef

    The Importance of kH(Carbonate Hardness)Alkalinity:

    Alkalinity: After losing almost all my live stock in the last week, I did some major reading and research on one water parameter that I feel most beginners negligent, that is kH. It all started when I failed to test kH and started to witness how my tank is moving backwards, Fish becoming...
  17. P

    ph alkalinity and calcium prob

    Hey all this weekend I got myself a calcium test kit its a salifert test kit and I got a verry high reading its over 500 so I am concerned what I did next was test the ph and its low at between 8 and 7.7..I dont have a alkalinity test kit at this stage and wont be able to get one in the next...
  18. seank

    Understanding Magnesium,Alkalinity,PH and General Hardness

    Something I have been battling for a long time to understand, are the relationship between some supplements and balances between certain minerals we find in our seawater. 1.) Why do we need them in our aquaria? 2.) What type of Coral/Fish/Critters need it to grow? 3.) Substitutes for the...
  19. M

    RSS This weekend only, sign up with Thrive and receive free calcium or alkalinity refill

    We’ve been using the Thrive Analytics section of the Thrive Aquatics website to track reef aquarium chemistry for a few months now and it’s been really nice to have a thorough web journal that can’t get lost or get wet. In support of the cause Thrive Aquatics is offering some incentive for...
  20. A


    Please help - I'm confused. 6 month tank and recently added a Frogspawn, a Finger Leather and a colt. I have been adding Calcion as my Calcium levels started to drop down to 350. PH is 8.2, everything else is good. Ca went up to 450 and has now dropped back to 420. My plan is to add Calcion...
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