1. 2balive

    If you into algae: Seaweeds of the South African South Coast website

    A bit technical, but great resource. Seaweeds of the South African South Coast Would not mind to get my hands on the "Guide to the Seaweeds of KwaZulu-Natal" book as well.
  2. X

    Sea Hare

    I saw someone asking for the services of a sea hare the other day. I thought mine had died, because I haven't seen it in months, but I discovered last night that he is still around and massive and apparently only comes out at night. No clue where he hides during the day. I'm happy to let...
  3. Kevesen

    New to the hobby, fighting algae need help identifying this??

    Hi Guys Urgently require your help, My tank is 7 months old, nitrates and phosphates are low, I've taken my lighting down and reduced the running time (7 Hours low whites) Maintenance 10% water change weekly, feeding once a day dry foods, Not dosing anything, using RO water with HW Marine...
  4. Kevesen

    Red sea max nano, 3 months old tank,

    I am new to the hobby, my tank has been running for 3 months now, need help on identifying the brown stuff on my sand bend, how do i fix it?
  5. TheWaterboy

    UV- ALGAE X 3 in 1 REACTOR back in stock!!!

    Reactor comes fully charged with media and can be purchased with or without Feed Pump. Relaunch Special Price For TheWaterboy UV Algae-X 3 in 1 carbon, phosphate, uv Reactor version 2.0 is R 1295.00 plus vat (excl pump) with Pump R 1595.00 plus vat nano unit with pump is R 1150.00 plus vat...
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