Tunze Hydrofoamer 9420.040

  • Introduction
    Well time for another review.
    I remember a few years ago when skimmers were all the rage with the launching of new innovative ideas. The arguments then were concentrated around contact time, amount of air being sucked up, how fine the bubbles were, etc. Anyway one of the top end skimmers that became available to us here in SA was the Bubble Master with its thread wheel Sicce pumps, man what a skimmer. Now being a skimmer addict I had to have one. Unfortunately the down fall of the skimmer was the thread wheel itself not that it didn’t pump large amounts of air, but the Enkomat used for this thread wheel was not available to us and the impellors were very expensive to replace. Well we made a plan for years and eventually the pumps packed up so needed to replace them, so the hunt was on. If you know the Bubble Master skimmer it has an extremely large diameter neck (riser tube) into the cup, so an obscene amount of air is needed to get the foam into the cup.
    Now part of the problem we faced a few years ago was when we were trying to modify skimmers we could always get the pumps but could not get the venturi’s to go with them. Now on my hunt for 2 new pumps I spoke to George again and he was telling me about the new Hydrofoamer from Tunze. Well I went to take a look and yes they were producing large amounts of bubbles in the Tunze skimmer but would it be enough for the Bubble Master with its wide neck. The deciding factor for me was that it ran on a pin wheel like the Deltecs do, which is a very efficient way of producing bubbles, this pump also came with a venturi designed for the pump, price was not out of line with other skimmer pumps so decided to give it a try.

    Hydrofoamer Silence 9420.040.

    In keeping with their energy efficient pumps Tunze have done it again, this is a 3700L per hour pump that consumes 15w of power. This is another one for those hefty Eskom bills, less power also means less generated heat to cool down in summer.
    The pump is capable of producing 850L air per hour with 1300L water flow per hour which is very respectable in anyone’s books.

    Assembly and Installation
    This was really easy and quick thanks to both the Tunze and BM being in sump and having easy attachments for the pumps, did take slight modification, but nothing too serious. Had them running and pumping in about 10min flat.

    Well again Tunze place the power consumption high on the list of priorities and this little pump produce 850L of air Per hour with a water flow through rate of 1300L per hour, and only uses 15w of electricity, one very efficient pump in anybodies book.

    This pump is not called the Hyrofoamer Silence for nothing, the name says it all, you can’t hear these pumps running.

    The price of the Tunze equipment has become very competitively priced over the last year or so, and the quality has remained consistent. This is a winning combination. Having said that, when shopping for skimmer pumps, performance is the number one priority, so give George a call for a quote as he does adjust the price according to the exchange rate and the rand is extremely strong at the moment. Replacement parts are always available at very reasonable prices way cheaper than the BM equivalents ever were.

    This is truly a great pump, it pumps copious amounts of air with really good water flow rate and with the low power consumption it will eventually pay for itself with the electricity savings. If you are looking to increase the performance of your skimmer or looking at building a skimmer or just replacing a burnt out pump, this is one little pump that is well worth considering.

    I have had these pumps on my skimmer for about 6months and have only done a review now with good reason. When I bought them George said they are low maintenance pumps so I decided to put them to the test, I have done zero maintenance on them since I have had them, not even cleaned the air intakes and they are skimming just as efficiently as the day I installed them.

    Here is the skimmer running.


    Note the wide diameter neck, there are not many skimmers with a neck like this, you need plenty air to push the foam out of there.The 2L coke bottle gives an indication of the diameter.