Tunze Care Magnet Nano 220.010

  • I invested in a small Care Magnet from Tunze last month while I was away on holiday as my grandmother was on fish feeding duty and this generally implies I won’t see through the tank glass on my return.


    First impressions on opening the box were that it was very small and light, with a strong magnet holding it together.

    Using the magnet was a joy. I found it maneuverable, it did not pick up dirt or gravel due to the fact that only the blades make contact on the inside of the tank. Another bonus was the curved edges on the ends of the blades meaning that I could not damage the silicone while cleaning down the edges of the tank.


    It was versatile, getting in to any corner of the tank and no corals were knocked over in the process. I was very surprised to find that the blades also removed green calcareous algae that had formed over the 3 weeks I had been on holiday.

    Another plus is that the magnets are sealed in epoxy, meaning they will not rust. Spare replaceable blades also accompany your purchase.


    The only down side I found was that the blades worked fantastically on 8mm and thinner glass but under-performs slightly on 10mm glass. Which is acceptable as this magnet is designed with nano tanks in mind.

    Overall the care magnet is another quality product that Tunze has manufactured. Compared to other high-end glass cleaners out there I think the price is very competitive!