Tunze 6125 Stream Review

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    When a new pump is released to the reef keeping community few will create as much stir world wide as a new model Tunze stream. When visiting any board or talking to any reef keeper, the one thing that is synonymous with the Tunze brand is Quality.

    My History with Tunze
    Well my experience with Tunze was off to a rocky start. A bit of back ground here for those that don’t know – I had always heard about and seen Tunze pumps in action and had always been told about the quality of the pump, but was never able to afford these pumps in the past. Finally I was lucky enough to acquire 4 of the Nano streams [used] when they were first launched. To cut a long story short, they didn’t last too long and as fast as George replaced/repaired them, so they broke again, eventually I gave up and just tossed all 4 out. I later learned that Tunze had a problem with the plastic they were molded from. Anyway it was 4 pumps down the drain, so now you can understand my reluctance to getting another stream.
    One thing I must mention here, hats off to George for trying to help me with the Nano’s even though they were not purchased from him.
    Well after much selling on George’s behalf I finally relented and purchased another stream.

    One of the main attractions for aquarists world wide is how little power the streams consume. However this has never been a factor that I have ever considered when purchasing a pump, that is up until the last few Eskom price hikes and a R1700.00 electricity bill last month. It is something I am going to be paying close attention to in the future.
    The pump is rated at 12000L per hour with a power consumption of 24w, now that is fairly impressive in anybodies books. Less power also means less heat that I have to chill in summer again savings on electricity.

    Assembly, Mounting and Size
    The assembly of these pumps must be one of the easiest I have ever experienced. Simply stick on the four rubber feet to each magnet, mount your magnet in place, clip in the pump and plug it in. Not more than 3 min tops.
    As I said the mounting is by magnets supplied with the pump and because of the unique way in which the Tunze is mounted the versatility of the pump can only be described as awesome. You can literally point this pump in any direction you want, from straight up, to straight down, far left to far right or anywhere in between. It actually revolves 360 deg so you can point the water flow in any direction that suits your needs. A warning here…please be careful when working with these magnets as they are extremely powerful and if skin is caught between them, a painful blood blister will be the result.
    The size of the pump is just bigger than a tennis ball, not bad for the amount of water it moves.

    Well there is not much to say here as there are no noise levels to speak of, not even a chatter on start up, defiantly the quietest pump I have ever owned.

    As I said before, I could not afford the streams up until fairly recently, when Tunze changed their design. Although not the cheapest brand on the market, it defiantly has become far more competitive with some of the other top name brands.
    The pump retails for around R2400.00, please note this model is not controllable.

    Backup Service
    Personally I have never had a problem with getting any help from Tunze SA. The only gripe one might have is that not all spares are always in stock and may have to be ordered. This is understandable and George more often than not is able to make a plan.

    Well Tunze SA and myself have always had a bit of a up and down relationship and when I told George I was thinking of doing a review on the stream I think his heart may have skipped a beat. No problems George
    I must say I have been pleasantly surprised by this pump and all the improvements since my last streams, although it has only been running for 3 months I would defiantly give this pump a thumbs up and would recommend it to fellow hobbyists.