Topping Up

  • Topping Up your tank

    Due to evaporation marine tank's require topping up with Reverse Osmosis(R/O)water. As evaporation takes place salinity in the aquarium rises as only moisture is lost and no minerals thus topping-up is done with pure water. This can be done manually on a daily basis, or via an Auto top up unit designed for the purpose.

    Auto Top Up Units

    Auto top up units are a very effective way to replace water that has evaporated from your system, generally a float switch sensor is attached in the return pump chamber of the sump and if the water level drops it activates the top up pump to fill R/O water into the system.
    It is also possible to use a stockman valve to replenish evaporation however the R/O container will have to be higher than the valve.


    Kalkwasser can be added to the top up/ R/O water to maintain the calcium level of the system.