T8 Striplight 336 LED 220V 15W

  • My first impression was that this couldn’t be good, with this cheap ass packaging with day written on the box in pen.
    Then I remembered that Tunze also gets packaged in cheap packaging and realized I shouldnt judge a book by its cover.
    So I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised by its neat appearance. Incased in a plastic T8 Tube were these
    3 rows of LEDS. 336 LEDS spread over 1.2m can only bring interesting results.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The guys at the store said I need to connect it directly to a 220v source. No need to use ballasts or starters.
    I queried the poles and asked if one side is neutral and the other side is Live and they said nope, live and
    neutral on the same side, so I asked what happens if in my wiring I manage to connect the light so that live
    go’s to live and neutral to neutral. They weren’t sure so they tested it and told me it was auto switching..
    Great so I bought a connector cable as well.
    So I got home and put the connectors onto the bulb and fired the bulb up. The room was pitch black and
    then there was a narrow beam of light.
    This is perfect as the full 15w is being directed 1 way and not all around.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Put it above my tank and tested it through the water. The light is bright enough to illuminate the bottom of the tank nicely.
    I’m happy with it, little expensive but its going to last me 5 years and running at 15 w will be a real cost saver in the long run.
    I just need to take care not to scratch the plastic tube too badly so that the light cant shine through as easily.