ReefAngel Review/Write Up

  • @Jeann1
    Taken some time but here is my write up/review of the ReefAngel Aquarium Controller.

    I must same I am exceptionally impressed with this unit.

    Some people may not like the fact that it is modular and doesn’t have absolutely everything rolled up all nicely into one little package, but this is actually what I enjoy about it. I can add things as I need them and don’t have to pay through my nose for each add-on. The only downside to this is that you need to mount everything individually, but with some imagination, you can make quite a nice “rack” for it (just ask @butcherman)

    Compared to say profilux, this unit is chalk and cheese in price. Especially for add-on’s.

    I consider what I ordered to be a very basic setup for an individual (ok, maybe not the RF attachment)

    My unit consists of: (you can see the basic package is quite complete)

    ReefAngel Head unit
    8 Socket Relay
    Temperature Probe
    PH Probe
    ATO float switches
    WiFi Attachment - ADDON
    RF Attachment (Used for Vortech Control) - ADDON
    LED Moonlights - ADDON
    USB cable for programming unit

    The Unboxing

    Packaging is really good as you can see:





    Setting Up:

    Connecting the unit is really straightforward, the manuals are all online at reefangel.com and can be downloaded in PDF format.

    The unit comes preloaded with basic control software that allows you to:

    Put unit into feeding mode
    Put unit into Waterchange mode
    Calibrate PH levels
    Set ATO High/Low
    Clear Overheat Warnings
    Version info

    For some people this could be sufficient, but for the majority it probably wont be.

    This is where some coding comes in….
    I cannot stress enough how important it is to read through all the manuals properly!

    The creators of ReefAngel have made it really simple to upload code. There is an application that writes basic code for you called RAGen. You simply input all your details of your system (i.e. which ports on the relay are for what purpose) and hit generate. Upload the code to your controller and you are done!

    If you are having difficulty or for more advanced coding, the guys on ReefAngel forums are always willing to help.

    Calibrating the PH Probe is very simple and straightforward.


    The functionality of this system is really amazing (obviously also depends on which add-ons you have chosen)

    I have my unit connected to my home network with dynamic DNS setup so that I can view my tank stats and control it from anywhere in the world.

    My RF unit LED changes color to show which mode the Vortech is currently in. The RF unit basically turns the ReefAngel into a master Vortech controller. You then sync your pumps and turn them into slaves. This unit is also able to control Radion lighting units!

    The Headunit displays : Vortech Mode, Ph Level, Temp, Which relay ports are on or off, Date and time and a graph of my levels.

    My Moonlights are set according to the moonphase, so they dim or brighten depending on the type of moon (waxing, waning etc.)

    I now push feed mode on my cellphone, and Vortech goes into feed mode and Tunze turns off.
    I hit Waterchange mode and Vortech, Tunze, Skimmer and Return turn off.

    Metal Halides have a delay so if the power should turn off, there should be no damage to the units.

    Heaters turn on at 25.0 and off at 26.0

    There is also the ability to send out email updates hourly or when there is a warning, which is a great feature. Using some online services, you can convert email to sms or tweets incase your phone doesn’t push email.

    *I haven’t set up the ATO yet, but you can set max pump on time, auto shutoff, low level warnings etc etc


    The ReefAngel has no shortage of connectability options with WiFi enabled:

    Apps for iOS and Android devices
    Java App for PC (Mac version apparently in the works)
    Web User Interface
    ReefAngel Portal available to all registered forum members – This has all your information including the ability to turn on/off switches.

    So far I have been very happy with my unit and will report back again in a few months

    I would definitely recommend this product to other reefers.