Featured System - November 2016 - Gil


    My name is Gilberto Di Siena, (Gil). I am very excited to have the opportunity to showcase my obsession. I started keeping tropical fish many years ago and then progressed to Discus, which I still have and love.
    Once I decided to try marines I was hooked in a big way.

    20141027_182552_resized (Medium1).jpg

    I’m lucky enough to have a big fish room, which resulted in “1 more tank”.
    I prefer larger tanks and therefore most of my tanks are large including the two I sneaked into my house.
    I have two SPS dominated tanks, some mixed hard and soft coral tanks, a softies only tank and some fish and FOWLR tanks.
    My latest project is a NPS tank.
    My tanks all have different methods of filtration which grow and hybridise as the hobby progresses. The pics I have posted are a combination of the various tanks in my fish room.
    For power outages a generator is a life saviour.

    20160309_122646-1_resized (Medium1).jpg 20160526_194556_resized (Medium2).jpg 20160927_180843_resized (Medium3).jpg
    click images to see the full-sized tanks

    The different methods of filtration include Bio-pellets, Zeo-vit method and DSB.
    I use filter socks for mechanical filtration, and for chemical I use GFO and occasionally carbon to polish the water.

    20160927_175252_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_175320_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_175453_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_175512_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_175539_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_180247_resized (Medium).jpg


    For maximum water flow I use Maxspect Gyre Pumps and these I combne with Vortex MP 40’s.

    20160927_175750_resized (Medium).jpg

    I am still an old fashioned believer in metal halides. For example in my SPS tank I use :
    • 2 x 400 watt 20 000 K
    • 1 x 400 watt 15 000 K
    • 2 x 150 watt 10 000 K
    I do use a few LED lights but most of my tanks are combination of halides and T5’s.

    20160927_175435_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_180139_resized (Medium).jpg

    Water is topped up daily using RO water which I pre mix with Kalkwasser and a few drops of vinegar. I also mix Strontium and Iodine into this daily.
    I manually dose my tanks on a daily basis with alkalinity calcium and magnesium using Randy Holmes Farley 3 part solution.
    Included in the above the only other additives I use are Red Seas Reef Energy A and B Supplements.
    My fish are fed 3 times a day, quite heavily to avoid my PO3 from dropping too low and my SPS reacting.
    On the menu is a combination of frozen foods and pellets and fish roe daily after lights out.

    20150504_200850_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_180255_resized (Medium).jpg

    In the pics posted I hope you will be able to see the wide variety of fish and corals in all the tanks.
    For quarantine purposes, which I strongly believe in I have 3 separate tanks. One for fish in quarantine the other for corals and one for the spontaneous buy.
    All fish are quarantined for 3 months.


    IMG_20160622_212559_resized (Medium).jpg 20131127_210759_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160521_182023_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160605_195014 (Medium).jpg 20131211_220205_resized (Medium).jpg 20140818_140530_resized (Medium).jpg 20140925_143500-1_resized (Medium).jpg 20141215_204322(0)_resized (Medium).jpg 20160919_175855_resized (Medium).jpg 20160919_175821_resized_1 (Medium).jpg 20160919_190218_resized (Medium).jpg 20160921_203635-1_resized (Medium).jpg 20160921_204101_resized (Medium).jpg 20160919_190124-1_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160521_135444_resized (Medium).jpg 20150328_195027(0)-1_resized (Medium).jpg 2013-07-18 06.50.21-1_resized (Medium).png


    20130512_165324_resized (Medium).jpg 20130616_193203_resized (Medium).jpg 20131127_210137_resized (Medium).jpg 20131127_210916_resized (Medium).jpg 20140305_205634_resized (Medium).jpg 20140305_205713_resized (Medium).jpg 20140305_205737_resized (Medium).jpg 20140305_205748_resized (Medium).jpg 20140530_153010_resized (Medium).jpg 20140629_200323_resized (Medium).jpg 20140629_201245_resized (Medium).jpg 20140818_140016_resized (Medium).jpg 20141027_183211_resized (Medium).jpg 20160309_144547_resized (Medium).jpg 20160829_154235_resized (Medium).jpg 20160919_175730_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_175800_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_180428_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_180746_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_181412-1_resized (Medium).jpg 20160927_181442_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160521_181359 (Medium).jpg IMG_20160521_182150_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160605_195432_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160729_130833_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160729_130920_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160824_212903 (Medium).jpg IMG_20160829_160601_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160829_162115_resized (Medium).jpg IMG_20160912_225607_resized (Medium).jpg


    TEMP - 25 degrees C
    SALINITY - 1026
    NITRATES - 000
    PHOSPHATES - 0.02
    CALCIUM - 490
    KH - 7 dKH
    MAGNESIUM - 1400

    20160807_171716_resized (Medium).jpg 20130603_141159_resized (Medium).jpg 20160829_091918_resized (Medium).jpg


    If there is any advise I would give to people starting out I would urge them to research as much as possible before purchasing a fish or coral to minimize the importation of species which do not thrive in captivity.
    The beauty of this hobby is the more experience you have the more there is to learn.
    One is faced with obstacles and challenges daily but with knowledge these can be overcome.
    A quick thanks to MASA, all LFS’s owners and staff who’s brains I pick constantly and to my wife and family for their consistent and unwavering patience and support in this wonderful hobby.

    Thank you

    20160829_142634-1_resized (Medium).jpg 20160622_204205_resized (Medium).jpg 20160523_194036_resized (Medium3).jpg 20160516_200258_resized (Medium3).jpg 20160309_122545_resized (Medium1).jpg 20150624_221217_resized (Medium1).jpg
  • TEMP : 25 degrees C
    SALINITY : 1026
    NITRATES : 000
    PHOSPHATES : 0.02
    CALCIUM : 490
    KH : 7 dKH
    MAGNESIUM : 1400