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    [FS] Red gonipora pieces for sale. Cape Town

    Hi guys. Have some red gonipora pieces for sale. R300 ea. Pic taken soon after fragging so they will still double in size.
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    Coral quarantine tank

    In their defense people aren't willing to pay extra cost associated with quarantining of livestock. It does not make business sense for a store to keep a coral for 5-6weeks in quarantine and then have to sell it later on at normal market prices
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    Coral quarantine tank

    Coral quarantine tank is a very good thing to do
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    4age project 2

    Yes the doser is working well so far
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    Encrusting montipora

    Pop me a pm
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    4age project 2

    Wow..havnt updated thread in ages. Tank has been through some changes.. Changed live rock scape to a branching rock scape I initially put together for my smaller tank.. Changed to ati unit and added two orphek blue led bars. Added auto filter roller recently{really nice piece of kit to get if...
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    [FS] Kelo led unit for sale cape Town

    Hi guys. Selling my 4channel led unit. Still in excellent condition with remote control. R2500
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    [wtd] Radion xr30 rms tank mount

    Unfortunately he is selling the rail kit. Need individual tank mount for a Nano tank
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    [FS] Radions and hanging kit for sale

    Sorry Will have to cancel dibs on gen2
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    [wtd] Velvet Nudi

    Get a wrasse such as a banana wrasse or green wrasse. They eat these flatworm. S.
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    What would cause sps to slowly erode?

    What's ur nitrates and phosphates on?
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    [FS] Bubble magus Nano qq2 and ato unit. Cape town

    Have a bubble magus internal qq2 skimmer for sale. It's the new version and runs with the sp pumps so performs very well. R900 Also have an ato unit. R450 Will post at buyers expense via postnet
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    What would cause sps to slowly erode?

    Did u dip the sps before adding to tank? Any pics of the sps
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    Just did water test

    Very true.. Common misconception that nitrates n phosphate must be 0. Think more corals get killed by hobbyists chasing 0 phosphate than anything else
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    [wtd] Radion xr30 rms tank mount

    Hi guys. Im looking for a radion rms tank mount. Anyone have a 2nd hand one for sale?
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    [FS] Radions and hanging kit for sale

    Dibs radion gen2. Please pm me contact details
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    [FS] IM fusion 20gallon running

    How much for the light unit and sw8?