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  1. MajesticPets

    Coral frags on Special!!!!

    Good morning reefers, We are putting all our frags on special until Saturday 5pm. Aquaforest products all priced so low you won't believe your eyes We got our hands on a few more buckets of tetra salt @ fantastic prices Some Frags pictures below. Roughly 60-70 frags available Please...
  2. MajesticPets

    Specials until Sunday 16th

    Good day all reefers Aquaforest Specials 5kg sea salt R 250 5kg Reef salt R350 5kg Probiotic salt R450 Reef Mineral salt 400g R120 AF Life source 500g R200 Iodum 50ml R250 AF build 50ml R270 Mg plus 200ml R110 Ca Plus 200ml R110 Ca Plus 2L R375 While stock last Tetra Marine salt.... 20kg...
  3. MajesticPets


    Hi reeferz, We landed some stunners from the USA!!!! French Angel (M) Queen Trigger (S) Atlantic blue Tangs (S) Rock Beauty Angel (S) Lemon Peel Angel (M) Flash Light Fish (s/m) (first ever for Majestic) Horseshoe crabs (S) WhatsApp us today on 078 7460210 French Angel eating...
  4. MajesticPets

    Ufo Zedlights

    Please contact me on 078 7460210 for prices and further information
  5. MajesticPets

    Ufo Zedlights

    Hi reefers, I have a few items from shut downs for sale. Black UFO Zedlight ZE8300 with wifi Silver UFO Zedlight 1.8mx500x500 Tank Stand Sump As a set not separate. B12 skimmer (two years old) 1 pellet reactor 1 media reactor Return pumps Reactor pumps 1.5 m T5 light unit (red sea...
  6. MajesticPets

    Corals and live stock

    Majestic Tetra Marine salt 20kg and 8kg salt available on Special..... We still have specials on 10000L & 12000L & 15000L pumps and Ac/Dc pumps Live stock... Picasso trigger Niger trigger Picture wrasse Yellow tang Foxface Citron Butterfly Emperor angel Fire goby Marble wrasse...
  7. MajesticPets

    Specials @ Majestic

    Good Day Reefers, Salt.. Tetra Marine Salt 20kg @ R550.00 Tetra Marine Salt 8kg @ R300.00 Pumps.. Resun S-10000 - 10 000L/H @ R590 Resun Sea Lion Pump PG 15000 -15 000L/H @ R1200 PG 12000- 12 000L/H @ R1100 Air Pumps.. Resun Aco-008A @ R850 Resun Ac/Dc @ R450 Contact Josiah on 078 746...
  8. MajesticPets

    Live stock available @ Majestic

    Stock list @ Majestic 226 High Road, Pomona Open Monday - Sunday Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm Sun - 9am - 3pm Stone fish Picasso trigger (S) Leaf fish (yellow) Emperor angel (adult colour) Sand shifting Gobies Pearly scaled Angel pair Copperband butterfly (M-L) Panda butterfly Talbots damsels Blue...
  9. MajesticPets

    French Angel

    Hey Reefers, We have a stunning French Angel available.. If interested contact us on 078 746 0210
  10. MajesticPets

    New 2019 Stock list

    Good morning reefers, Stock available, Parrot fish (S) Harlaquin filefish Pipe fish Black belly trigger (m) Scopus tangs (S-m) Porcupine puffers (m) Guitar Ray/shark (40cm) Humpedhead bannerfish (S) Keyhole angelfish (S) Sohal tang (S) French angel (m) Powder blue (XXL) Karon angel (S-m)...
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    Awesome Specials

    Hi information sent to you
  12. MajesticPets

    Awesome Specials

    Info has been sent to you both
  13. MajesticPets

    Awesome Specials

    Some items on special to help with the January 99days before month end... Items on special Masstick 14g Hydrofill ATO system Seachem complete Seachem pristine Seachem iodine Seachem Trace Seachem SeaGel Seachem De nitrate Seachem Fusion 1 Seachem Fusion 2 We also have two Secondhand...
  14. MajesticPets

    December live Stock

    Sunrise Dottyback Royal dotty back French Angel Emperor Angel Karon Angel Sohal Tang Yellow Tang Powder Brown Tang Powder Blue Tang Unicorn Tang Kole Tang Naso Surgeon Lieutenant Surgeon Banana Wrasse Green Wrasse Foxface File fish Maroon Clowns (gold rim) Lighting Clown Hawk Fish Domino Damsel...
  15. MajesticPets

    Amazing custom rock feature

    Christmas Special Price will End 31 December 2018. Don't miss out...
  16. MajesticPets

    Christmas @ Majestic⛄

    It's that time of year for gift for our loved ones. At Majestic we have a fantastic range ornaments and products just for that Occasion and at prices that won't break the bank. This week only our last innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20 Tank Cabinet (black) @ R4 500. 00 Special ends 28 December