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  1. Luwesh

    [FS] Flipper Magnets

    Ok how are the blades
  2. Luwesh

    [FS] Flipper Magnets

    would u mind doing a courier through postnet
  3. Luwesh

    [FS] Magnet cleaners

    hi do u still have the aquanel magnet cleaner?
  4. Luwesh

    [FS] 300w Heater

    Sorry Bud, it's was swapped.
  5. Luwesh

    [FS] Coral

    Hi what price are you looking at?
  6. Luwesh

    [FS] Zetlight ZS7200 with A200 wifi control

    Hi is it still available.
  7. Luwesh

    [FS] 300w Heater

    Hi I already purchased another heater. Thanks.
  8. 300w Heater

    300w Heater

    Hi , I have a 300w heater, that works perfect. I want to swop for a green bubble tip anemone, reason for swopping, heater is too big for my new sump, length is 50cm.
  9. Luwesh

    [FS] 300w Heater

    Luwesh submitted a new listing: 300w Heater - 300w Heater See the full listing...
  10. Luwesh

    [FS] 2 frags of neon green candy cane

    Hi bud would you be interested in selling?
  11. Luwesh

    Need help with my Pharos 30w led lights.

    Hi, please may i also have a copy of the manual, my email address is, thanks
  12. Set of Saddleback clown fish

    Set of Saddleback clown fish

    Hi recently purchased a set of Saddleback clown fish. but their not getting on with my 'Nemo' Clown fish. Very healthy and eat very well, Make me an offer, but No rediculous offers please, If you require more pics jus PM me. Thanks
  13. Luwesh

    [FS] (sold) Set of Saddleback clown fish

    Luwesh submitted a new listing: Set of Saddleback clown fish - Set of Saddleback clown fish See the full listing...
  14. Luwesh

    [wtd] Zetlight controller

    Thanks so much, appreciate it
  15. Luwesh

    [wtd] Zetlight controller

    Hi guys, I currently have a Zetlight ZN1002 controller(please see pic) but the remote seems to have taken a walk, so if anyone has a remote for this to sell alternatively a Zetlight controller for sale. Thanks
  16. Luwesh

    [FS] Price drop - Shutdown Equipment for Sale

    Ok thanks, I'm going to hav to pass the guy is doing R1800 with da wifi adapter, thanks for your time
  17. Luwesh

    [wtd] Peppermint shrimp

    thank you so much, appreciate it
  18. Luwesh

    [wtd] Peppermint shrimp

    Hi guys looking to guy peppermint shrimp for my tank, in and around the Durban area , please PM me, thanks
  19. Luwesh

    [FS] Neon Green 3 head branching hammer

    hi is this sold, if not dibs
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