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    [FS] Magus 5 Skimmer & Magus mini media reactor for sale

    ryana submitted a new listing: Magus 5 Skimmer & Magus mini media reactor for sale - Magus 5 Skimmer & Magus mini media reactor for sale See the full listing...
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    [FS] Shutting down my cube

    Hi All I need to shut down my cube tank after 5 years due to unplanned family emergency that requires my immediate time and $$. I only have few livestock items to sell and would like it to all go together if possible so I can close it down with some urgency. 1 x Clown fish (about 4-5cm) 1 x...
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    [SOLD] [FS]: Regal Tang: Midrand-JHB

    Fish for saleCommon Name: Regal Tang Scientific Name: - Size of fish 10-11cm How long have you had the fish? 1.5 years Is the fish eating? Eats regularly, pellets and frozen food Shipping or Collection only: Collection - bring own large bucket Your location. Midrand-JHB Price: R500...
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    Id this please

    Anyone want to take a stab at identifying what this nasty looking stuff is? The first pic is what i could see from the outside and when i broke open the rock, the 2nd pic was the result! :eek:
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    Quieting my over-flow system

    Hi Guys I have a new cube tank 60x60x60cm with an overflow weir box down to my sump below. (IE: Tank has a 50mm hole drilled in the bottom glass and its plumbed down to the sump) How do I quiet the sound of water gushing over the weir and down the pipe to the sump? I've tried putting some egg...
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    Need some help please...! :-(

    Hi Reefers I have 3 issues I just can't seem to sort out!! 1) My brain coral that I've tried to move just about everywhere in the tank...not happy and under pressure 2) My bubble tip anemone that is not happy either. Its open 5% of the time and the rest of the time its deflated and looks...
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    Brain coral in trouble

    Hi Brenda, I bought a red and yellow brain coral on Sunday. It was in good shape in the store and later that evening in my tank it opened nicely. Since then (on Monday), it has shrunk and seems to be dying a quick death! I checked my water parameters and they are all stable and well within...
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    New member

    Hi all MASA members I'm Ryan (the newbie) from Midrand; Decided to take the plunge and give mini-reef aquariums a bash. Why: Because I love everything marine! (da sea, da feeeshies & da coral) Having said that, I love all animals & those Rhino poaches are not making me happy right now! :nono...
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