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  1. Mike69

    [FS] Ecotech

    Hi sorry it’s been sold
  2. Mike69

    [FS] Ecotech

    Bump both still available
  3. Equipment


    Apex Pm1 with ph probe 2500 Apex Fmm with 1 leak probe 2000 Apex 1link 3000 Apex New 1inch flow senor 1000 Apex New break out box 900 Apex Imported new toggle switch box 1000 Apex solenoid 450 Ati Co2 reactor With refill 2000 Nyos reactor 1400
  4. Mike69

    [FS] Equipment

    Mike69 submitted a new listing: Equipment - Equipment See the full listing...
  5. Ecotech


    Reef link 2000 Ecotech battery back up 1500
  6. Mike69

    [FS] Ecotech

    Mike69 submitted a new listing: Ecotech - Ecotech See the full listing...
  7. Hanna reagent

    Hanna reagent

    Hi I have a brand new sealed box of phosphate reagent HI713 I need the phosphorus reagent
  8. Mike69

    [FS] Hanna reagent

    Mike69 submitted a new listing: Hanna reagent - Hanna reagent See the full listing...
  9. Mike69

    [FS] Mp10QD

  10. Mike69

    [FS] Mp10QD

    R2700 each if you want both will let them go at R5000
  11. Mike69

    [FS] Mp10QD

    @Pieter Geldenhuys yes they are
  12. Mike69

    [FS] Inverter

    I have a brand new inverter that I bought last year but landed up installing a 12kw inverter in my house. Looking for 7k
  13. Mike69

    [FS] System Shutdown - Hardware, Testing Kits etc For Sale

    I’ve bought plenty Equpiment from @Tomo3000 before and if I’ve ever had anything short or broken he would go out of his way to resolve the problem.
  14. Mike69

    [FS] Feeder and supplements

    @Iri the fish feeders are still available
  15. Mike69

    [FS] Bubble tips

    Green bubble tip sold
  16. Mike69

    [FS] Feeder and supplements

    Salt combo sold
  17. Mike69

    [FS] Feeder and supplements

    @Pat26 already messaged me last night for the combo deal if it does go through the next person will be contacted
  18. Mike69

    [FS] Mp10QD

    @Pieter Geldenhuys price is slightly neg
  19. Mike69

    [FS] Bubble tips

    Mike69 submitted a new listing: Bubble tips - Bubble tips See the full listing...
  20. Bubble tips

    Bubble tips

    1x Green bubble tip R550 5 x Rainbow bubble tip @ R200 each Just bigger than tennis ball size when open
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