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  1. DrNeoCortex

    Flying With a Coral

    Anyone know if it’s legal for me to transport a coral from my dads house in Joburg to my new place in CPT in a bag on my carry on luggage?
  2. DrNeoCortex

    New in Capetown

    Hey everyone. So I got reassigned to work in a hospital in the Western Cape in Caledon area about 1 hour 30 from Cape town and wanted to know if anyone knows of any places down here that do marine fish?
  3. DrNeoCortex

    [FS] Kenya Tree Frags

    Selling two more Kenya tree Frags. R50ea for these two small ones.
  4. DrNeoCortex

    [FS] Kenya Tree Edenvale

    Hi there all. Have some Kenya tree Frags for sale. Would very much like to sell to anyone planning to come into reef keeping. R70 a frag.
  5. DrNeoCortex

    What Killed my Fish?

    So yesterday purchased myself a fire fish/goby from my lfs. Never had any problem with his fish before. Acclimated him he fed well and everything was fine. This morning get a video showing me the fish is dead head first in a hermit crab shell. My water parameters are as follow Nitrates 2ppm No...
  6. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Chemiclean

    Anyone know which LFS are stocking chemiclean at a reasonable price in joburg, Edenvale area?
  7. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Peppermint Shrimp

    Looking for peppermint shrimp in joburg area
  8. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Shells

    Anyone have an idea of where to get shells to put in your tank for hermits you use when they grow?
  9. DrNeoCortex

    What is this invert and should I get rid of it?

    Saw this weird thing moving in my rocks this morning. It has two tentacle like things it extends at the front. No shell almost like a slug.
  10. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Yellow Watchman Goby Joburg

    Hi anyone know of any stores that have yellow watchmen goby in stock or anyone selling any.
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