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  1. DrNeoCortex

    Flying With a Coral

    Did you have to declare it when you went through the security area?
  2. DrNeoCortex

    Flying With a Coral

    Anyone know if it’s legal for me to transport a coral from my dads house in Joburg to my new place in CPT in a bag on my carry on luggage?
  3. DrNeoCortex

    New in Capetown

    Hey everyone. So I got reassigned to work in a hospital in the Western Cape in Caledon area about 1 hour 30 from Cape town and wanted to know if anyone knows of any places down here that do marine fish?
  4. DrNeoCortex

    [FS] Kenya Tree Frags

    Selling two more Kenya tree Frags. R50ea for these two small ones.
  5. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Lokming for kenyan tree frag or xoanthid or orange mushrooms

    In edenvale I have Kenya tree Frags if you want.
  6. DrNeoCortex

    [FS] Kenya Tree Edenvale

    Hi there all. Have some Kenya tree Frags for sale. Would very much like to sell to anyone planning to come into reef keeping. R70 a frag.
  7. DrNeoCortex

    [FS] WANTED | Anyone have peppermint shrimp?

    Would also like to know it anyone has any.
  8. DrNeoCortex

    What Killed my Fish?

    I wish. It was a mission to convince the lady to have the one tank. Now to tell her we are adding another tank that’s basically bare
  9. DrNeoCortex

    What Killed my Fish?

    So yesterday purchased myself a fire fish/goby from my lfs. Never had any problem with his fish before. Acclimated him he fed well and everything was fine. This morning get a video showing me the fish is dead head first in a hermit crab shell. My water parameters are as follow Nitrates 2ppm No...
  10. DrNeoCortex

    [SOLD] Softie frag pack

    PM me please
  11. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Chemiclean

    Anyone know which LFS are stocking chemiclean at a reasonable price in joburg, Edenvale area?
  12. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Peppermint Shrimp

    Looking for peppermint shrimp in joburg area
  13. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Torch Frag

    @Premium Aquatics ?
  14. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Shells

    Anyone have an idea of where to get shells to put in your tank for hermits you use when they grow?
  15. DrNeoCortex

    [wtd] Yellow Watchman Goby Joburg

    Got mine from coraline aquatics via Zak. He is doing well and really happy. Not sure if they have more stock
  16. DrNeoCortex

    What is this invert and should I get rid of it?

    So it’s just spewed out white stuff and got super freaked out but I’m now pretty much assuming the white stuff it spewed out was sperm
  17. DrNeoCortex

    What is this invert and should I get rid of it?

    Saw this weird thing moving in my rocks this morning. It has two tentacle like things it extends at the front. No shell almost like a slug.
  18. DrNeoCortex

    [FS] Corals for sale

    Is the GSP still available?
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