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  1. yasinomarjee

    [FS] Sale urgent

    yasinomarjee submitted a new listing: Sale urgent - Sale urgent See the full listing...
  2. yasinomarjee

    [FS] Probably Relocating

    Hi i might be relocating to durban will probably downscale or sell up will post prices once its official if i keep fish ill keep will be naso and yellow tang and 2 clowns. One rose anemone and one medium inferno. Sale would include 2 pyjama cardinald Regal tang Fox face Orange spot tang...
  3. yasinomarjee

    Finally got a decent camera for colours in tank

    Nenni love
  4. yasinomarjee

    Tank still happy

  5. yasinomarjee

    Green star polyps

    So green star pollips i had a frag in my tank for about 2 years now about 10cm i got it same time i got my first rose anemone . Anemone grew and split about 12 times already my green star is still where it was 10cm any advice on growing them i love how they look when they a large colony
  6. yasinomarjee

    Macro algae

    Hi guys since my last post long ago about not being able to grow corraline algae i still have no luck there . I been trying to grow macro algae i put some on my sump dosnt grow tried t5 n led grow lights any advice
  7. yasinomarjee

    [FS] Rbta lenasia

    Item name AND Location. Rbta lenasia Name of Fish/Coral 4 x rose anemone 2 smaller 5 rand size on the top R250 each 2 slightly bigger ones on the bottom R300 each How long have you had it? Over a year Is it eating and healthy? Yes Shipping or Collection or Both? Can...
  8. yasinomarjee

    [wtd] Inferno

    I seen a inferno with a whitish base orange tentacles and neat yellow tips if sombody has one i want to swap with one of mine for one of those kinds . My infernos the yellow runs through the tentacles
  9. yasinomarjee

    Corraline algae

    His I can't get Corraline to grow tank over 4 the Years old any ideas calcium levels correct corals all good and growing any advice I used purple up before never work
  10. yasinomarjee

    Tentacle loss

    Hi guys just want to know 3 times in the past week I found a tentacle on my anenome floating around I see new tentacles growing in its place should I be concerned though the anenome is large and the clowns hosting are small so I don't think it's them rough handling the neni
  11. yasinomarjee

    [wtd] Flame angel n naso

    Fleish angel and naso tang wanted
  12. yasinomarjee

    Sponge i think

    Hi I have this yellow sponge type growth on a rock taughtvit would go away starting to spread to another rock will it infest my tank over time
  13. yasinomarjee

    [FS] Xenia Lenasia johannesburg

    Item name AND Location. Xenia Lenasia johannesburg Name of Fish/Coral Pulsing xenia How long have you had it? 12 months Is it eating and healthy? Yes Shipping or Collection or Both? Can collect Price 400 Info More wanting to swap for something else. Rock is...
  14. yasinomarjee

    [wtd] Cleaner shrimps

    Anyone sellingot cleaner shrimps
  15. yasinomarjee

    My tank

    Just a 1.8 meter straight forward tank no fancy equipent just overflow sump skeemer wave maker n lights
  16. yasinomarjee

    Urgent help needed urgent help copper wire

    Last year my return pump short circuited under water wire burnt out . All corals closed up lost most of them some recovered over time took a long time and tank was doing well again . Guessing its a copper issue since wire became bare under water prob caused some copper ion science thing. Now 7...
  17. yasinomarjee

    Urgent help needed help corals closed

    Hi so my 400lt tank monday all was good had a skeemer overflow and the cup was half full the day before everything went into the sump that was tuesday since then all my corals have closed . Branching flower pot . Frogspawn. Pulsing Xenia is melting away one snail died today i did a carbon change...
  18. yasinomarjee


    9 months ago after cycling my tank i bought a Picasso trigger and cleaner shrimp 9 months later they still co exist how much longer will it last i only recently read about picasso seating shrimp
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