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    [SOLD] 250l Starphire Tank with White Cabinet (Jhb)

    9500 for tank and return pump?
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    [SOLD] 250l Starphire Tank with White Cabinet (Jhb)

    Does it come with a return pump? I’m quite keen
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    [SOLD] Vortech MP10 QD And MP40QD (Pretoria)

    Ill take a MP10 bud, you should have told me on Monday that you were going to sell them. :m28:Could have taken it one time.
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    [SOLD] MP40 and MP10 - 1 year old

    Interested in the mp40 at asking. Would just like to hear how it sounds. Sent a PM
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    My first reef aquarium RSM 250

    Lovely setup.
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    Rossmont Riser, Mover and Waver hands-on and review

    Great review! Considering these over tunze
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    [FS] Clownfish art

    Lovely art! Such talent!
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    Power back up options 75L tank

    I bought a compact generator for my setup. About 1KVA does the job for me
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    [wtd] Chaeto Needed..??

    I have some spare cheato, based in alberton
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    My CUBE

    Amazing built! Did you have to pay any tax on those lights once they arrived in SA?
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    [FS] Zetlight 7300 X3 - Pretoria

    Do you have one left?
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    [FS] Odyssey T5 Quad (Marine) 24w

    Just a few months old. No damage or other faults. Has a mix between ATI tubes and stock odyssey marine R950 Collection JHB
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