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    [FS] Red Sea Max 250 & GHL Profilux 3.1N

    Price for just the tank?
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    [FS] Pimped up Boyu TL-550

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    [FS] Red Sea Reefer 170

    Nice!! My earl will love this tank:m12:
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    [SOLD] Tank and lights

    I will offer 2500 for tank:lol:
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    [FS] Buyo fishtank with cabinet Vereeniging

    Tank sold? Also is this a marine system?
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    Need Glass 27mm

    Love the deep tanks thanks Leslie will contact them. Just another question other than Starfire glass what glass is best will bullet proof work?
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    Need Glass 27mm

    Tank I am planning to build is about 2,7m x 700 x 1m high
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    Need Glass 27mm

    Hi guys Need some contacts that can help me get 27mm glass or acrylic 20-24mm
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    Some advice please !!

    Hi Guys can anyone give me some advice or tips on fixing this?? it is on the inside.
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    [SOLD] [FS]: Honya bubble blaster HY5000S PUMP: Johannesburg

    will you maybe trade for Hailea HX- 6530?
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    [SOLD] [FS]: Nano TL550 Plug and play : PE

    Do you still have its box?
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    [SOLD] [FS]: Sump For Sale: Ruimsig

    This is nice! Good luck with the sale bud
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    [SOLD] [FS]: Nano TL550 Plug and play : PE

    Hi can i make offer?
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