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  1. Sappy

    [wtd] Ocellaris Clownfish in Pretoria/Joburg

    Does anyone have Black Ocellaris Clownfish for sale or any Ocellaries morphs preferably in the Pretoria or Johburg area?
  2. Sappy

    Non-return Valve

    Hi all, I would just like some advice on a non-return valve. I would like to put a non-return valve on my return pumps line to prevent the sump from flooding in the event of a power/pump failure. I have watched quite a number of videos of guys in the USA using clear non-return valves (they...
  3. Sappy

    [wtd] Dry Live Rock

    Hi all, I am looking for some dry live rock, preferably in the Centurion or supporting areas If anyone has some extra dry rock they are willing to sell please pm me
  4. Sappy

    Jeabo DCS-2000 Pump

    Hi guys, I saw this morning that Takealot has the Jebao DCS-2000 Nano DC Pump on sale for R815.00 I am not too experienced with return pumps and was hoping someone could advise me if this is a quality pump or not. The general rule, as far as I know, is that the return should be turning over...
  5. Sappy

    Sump design for 130L tank

    I am planning on building a sump for my 130L tank. I have designed a sump using some images online as inspiration and would like any comments or suggestions that may help improve my design. I am looking to have a refugium and skimmer section in my sump as my cabinet is only 53cm wide by 44cm...
  6. Sappy

    Where to buy Snail Clean up Crew in Pretoria/Joburg

    I'm looking to get a new clean up crew for my tank as my last snail has unfortunately died. I am just looking for a few Trochus or Turbo snails and a Nassarius snail. Thank you in advance
  7. Sappy

    Red Sea Max 130d Lighting and Filtration

    Hi all, I have recently taken over my fathers old Red Sea Max 130d from him. I had cleaned up the tank toughly and set it up using the live rock that was previously in the tank plus a few extra pieces of sea rock and new Aragonite substrate. I have a Hailea HS-28A chiller running on the tank...
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