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    Enter the APEX! Apex Now available.

    Enter the Apex! Neptunes signature product has finally landed, yes we are talking about the Apex. It’s crucial to have a world-class monitoring system such as Apex, as you have invested heavily in your reefing setup and your livestock deserves only the best. Not only will Apex do this, but at...
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    Trident now available for purchase.

    The Unicorn is in the house! The world famous Trident is now available for purchase on our online store! Why Trident? Trident offers a world class automated testing system, that monitors your Alkalinity, Calcium or Magnesium dosage and will let you know if there is a problem. Combine this...
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    Terence Fugazzi live stream with Easy Reef!

    We are thrilled to tell you the wait is almost over! Neptune is landing soon! Perhaps the only better news is that Terence Fugazzi is chatting to the team at Easy Reef and that you... YES YOU are invited to join the stream! It is going to be an epic interactive session.! To book your spot please...
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    Neptune is coming soon!

    Easy Reef is proud to announce the Neptune range of which is coming soon to our online store. We are bringing you all the latest equipment including Apex, Trident, WAV, DOS, Aquabus and so much more. Neptune is a leader in the industry and we are proud to stock only the best products at Easy...
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    Free shipping anywhere in SA!

    We are super proud to have free shipping on every single item in South Africa! Have a loved one of whom is a reefer? Buy him or her some 'Reef Bucks' to use online in our store. Make Easy Reef your go to reefing store!
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    ALL NEW Easy Reef Store

    Good Evening, its We hope you like our new store as much as we do! Regards the Easy Reef team.
  7. Easy Reef

    Easy Reef

  8. Free Shipping

    Free Shipping

    Easy reef now offers free shipping on every single item!
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    ALL NEW Easy Reef Store

    Easy Reef is proud to announce an all new CI and a stunning new online store that is built from the ground up. Not only is the new look and feel ultra modern, but we now offer free shipping on every single item.
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