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  1. Perky Pets

    Perky's nicest stock list in 2020

    Hi all. We got some stunners... and remember we can send stock airport to airport. Im busy with the 50 / 60 pics. Pls be patient .
  2. Perky Pets

    Perky Pets Fish and coral - November

    Hi all - heres a few pics of the stock we have at the moment - ill try put prices where i can , but you welcome to watsapp any queries through as well ! Lightning maroon clown - R1650.00 Cleaner shrimp R398.00 Saddle back butterfly R598 Copperbands medium R698 Premium zoa...
  3. Perky Pets

    May stock at Perky pets

    Hi all. We have some beutifull sps and frags in general ! The following sps are all R598 each. Yes we send to most airports ! Thanks David
  4. Perky Pets

    Perky Pets Black friday specials:

    Hi All , there a quick black Friday special . chat soon D
  5. Perky Pets

    Cape Towns awesome stock !

    Hi all. It's been a while ! Here are some pics of our stock at the moment. Let me know if you want anything sent to your closest airport. David
  6. Perky Pets

    Pics of Perky Pets awesome stock, frags and mushrooms on special.

    Hi all , just landed a shipment of fish , so these have no pics , ill do some in a few days... Remember we do ship to any airport. Purple tangs Trimaculatus powder blues Ultra green zoos try colour zoos Carabian hermit crabs symbiotic Shrimps ( to pair with Gobies ) Lots of Pics coming Chat...
  7. Perky Pets

    perky pets January stock .

    Hi all. Time for some pics of stock available. Chat soon D
  8. Perky Pets

    New !!! Purple Milka coral

    Hi Guys and Gals. We have secured some new coral to the trade... "Purple Milka " coral frags for sale. There are now 6 tanks with them. These are super hardy and although our possphate is a bit high ,they keep there purple well. Below is the mother colony we flagging. Below are the frags...
  9. Perky Pets

    Bali stock available at Perky.

    Hi guys , next shipmebt ready to go.
  10. Perky Pets

    October corals & fish @ Perky Pets

    Hi guys. Here is stock we have now...
  11. Perky Pets

    Perky pets - August stock

    Hi all , being a while :) here what we have at the moment... and a nice nano fish / acclimatizing box or frag holder ...@ R249.99
  12. Perky Pets

    Classy corals for sale

    Hi all , been a while... We set up a huge coral frag tank , but we dont like the idea of 1 - 2 cm pieces so ended up with small corals instead :bigthumbup: here is a few pics of our stock at the moment. the lights are a little blue for the camera , but enjoy.
  13. Perky Pets

    Quality livestock @ Perky in January

    Hi guys , we have a awesome selection of Fish from last week. Red sea Coral pro salt special - R850.00 for a 22KG bucket ! here are some pics:
  14. Perky Pets

    Fabulouse stock at perky pets again.

    yellow tangs. flame angels royal gramas aptasia eating file fish bi colore blennies blood red scooter gobies lots of regal tangs sailfin tangs picture wrasse purple tip anamone green long tenticle green bubble tips symbiotic shrimp. lots of hermits turbos sand sifting snails...
  15. Perky Pets

    Perfect Plugs for sale ( Frag plugs )

    :m03: So guys , tired of buying round uniform plugs that stand out on your rock work like a saw thumb ? The new perfect plugs are different shapes and will blend in to your reef in no time. they solid so wont break up when you try to glue them down either...
  16. Perky Pets

    summer special

    Hi All. Plenty of pics of fantastic stock below , but we've got a frozen foods special of Less 20 % on all frozen... AND 25 liters free R.O .water per frozen food purchased for our valued walk in customers ontop of the less 20%. Now that's a bargin ! This offer is planned to end on...
  17. Perky Pets

    American CUC & More @ Perky

    Nice American fish landed on thursday. New are : Turbo snails Mexican turbo Margarita turbo Emerald crabs Sally light foot crabs Sand sifting starfish Yellow eyed kole tangs M/L Royal grammas S/M Rock beutys M/L Bangi cardinals Large Batfish - ( Sold ) Pop in to see our huge...
  18. Perky Pets

    Stunning coral and fish from Indo

    Hi all . we have another awesome shipment of fish and coral land 2 days ago . here are some pics of beautiful orange hammers and chors and assorted colors of euphillia. The price for importing is at a high at the moment , but we have opted to still get from the most expensive countries /...
  19. Perky Pets

    Perkys August stock

    Hi Guys , her are some pics of our latest stock.
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